Weekly Roundup, November 13th

The things of the week. We've made it through a whole five days of work! Let's reward ourselves:

- The Republican Debate took place this Tuesday. Wait, I need to be more specific. The fourth Republican Debate took place this Tuesday. It's NOVEMBER!?! We have a year of this shit to go! Jezebel has a nice piece summarizing why everyone is terrible and it's going to be a long goddamn year.

- To make everyone feel better about the shitshow that is the Republican primary season, here is an article from HuffPo on the question that totally stumped everyone Tuesday night.

- Happy Birthday Leo! Aside from my own birthday love letter to him, Buzzfeed has a nice list of Leo being Leo.

- Also on November 11th: Veteran's Day. Pajiba has a touching story on the impact of that famous Saving Private Ryan scene.

- While it won't air until December 8th, the Victoria's Secret Fashion show took place this week. As always, Go Fug Yourself has a great summary of the show, including the reasonable stuff you can get at your local mall and the crazy you can only admire on super models and Kendall Jenner.

- On November 9th, Glamour honored its woman of the year, Reese Witherspoon. Everyone should read her powerful speech on a woman's ambition.

- Speaking of impressive women, Keirnan Shipka turned 16 on the 10th. Check out her Instagram as a reminder that she has most poise, style, and confidence than most women four times her age.

- For weekend suggestions: it's Friday the 13th! Watch whatever scary movie you missed during Halloween season. I recommend the always enjoyable Cabin in the Woods or the moody Let the Right One In.

- Finally, for some local color. On Tuesday, the mayor of Indianapolis announced an Ikea will be coming to Fishers (my current hometown!) in fall of 2017. We are excited to an embarrassing level.