Weekly Roundup, November 20th

We made it through another week of work. Let's celebrate!

 - Every year for Thanksgiving, I like to watch the Friends Thanksgiving episodes. Buzzfeed has a nice rundown to make the Netflix cross-season binge easier. "The One Where Ross Got High" should definitely be higher on the list.

Wired interviews artist Jean Jullien, the man behind the now-famous Paris Peace illustration that quickly became a symbol of support and love for Paris following last Friday's devastating attacks.

- Huffington Post discusses the Facebook Safety Check feature and how it has been used for the Paris attacks and how it might be used in the future.

- Twitter further proved the importance and usefulness of social media during last week's Democratic debates, offering the best question of the night.

- The Laughing Squid provides an overview of a unique Etsy item - Westeros as a Google Map.

- The new Barbie ad features a boy for the first time ever. Not only is the ad another away step from gendered child products, the ad also demonstrates how to pronounce Moschino.

- Apparently Gloria Steinem and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are old friends. The two legendary women chat and reminisce on their lives, careers, and friendship.

Wired again, this time on why the Parisian attacks should not influence the United States' Syrian refugee plan.

- There's a lot of anti-Muslim sentiments going around the internet this week following the Parisian attacks. Pajiba has a list of celebrities who identify as Muslim as a reminder to not be a racist asshole and that Muslim = Terrorist.

- In the world of celebrity gossip, David Beckham was named as People's Sexiest Man Alive. Isn't that a bit dated? What year is this again? People makes it difficult to find value in a weekly magazine whose cover story could be valid in any of the past 15 years.

- Finally, on a much lighter note: Cats! World Leaders! Koala bears!