Weekly Roundup, November 27th

We made it through a week of work! Well, I worked one day, then just ate a lot of food and did nothing else for four. Let's celebrate! And Happy Thanksgiving!

My cousin and I with our grandpa at a recent wedding - Thanksgiving is a family holiday!

My cousin and I with our grandpa at a recent wedding - Thanksgiving is a family holiday!

- I've just started getting into Lena Dunam's Lenny Letter. I also really need to catch up on Girls. Until then, here is an interview she did with Gloria Steinem on Harper's.

- After referencing Friends' Thanksgiving episodes last week, I've been watching the show on Netflix as I go to sleep. Today I came up this project from Bitch Magazine, which documents the homophobia prevalent in the show, as well as a hint of its sexism and racism. I might have to watch Master of None again as a palette cleanser.

Wired covers Amazon's 2015 Black Friday strategy. Personally, I'm happy to see more online deals. For the past few years, instead of braving Wal-Mart in the wee hours of Friday morning or interrupting Thanksgiving night itself for shopping, we've been taking a Thanksgiving drinking/board game break for an hour of online purchasing, then back to the games. Much preferrable! No scary, obsessed fellow shoppers, no injuries or bruises, no feeling bad about the pissed-off and tired workers. And much less Thanksgiving family time interruption!

- How much was Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions part of your sexual awakening? Besides Leo in Romeo and Juliet, was anyone else in the 90s as perfect looking? Hotness aside, Dazed has a nice rundown of the meaning of the clothes and costumes in the movie. Honestly, the only fashion I remember from this is Sarah Michelle Gellar's bustier and her character's startlingly blue bedroom.

- Every time I am home for any period of time, I delve into a television show and binge, seriously. Starting in college with DVD rentals before TV binge was even in our lexicon! This year it seems like it's Friday Night Lights, a show I fell in love with a few months ago and went through on Netflix within a few weeks. Pajiba summarizes why the first season is one of the best seasons of any TV show within the past twenty years.

- Jon Snow isn't dead and is coming back next season. Yesterday, I was 99% sure of this. Today, 99.999999%. Thanks HBO for releasing this not-so-subtle poster.

By the Sea is getting terrible reviews. I had no desire to see it before the bad reviews. However, the reviews all mention a traumatic event that is revealed at the end of the movie. Most reviews mention that the trauma is easy to guess, but still, I needed to know. I went through an embarrassing number of reviews for a movie I don't care at all about, trying to find one that revealed the ending. Here it is! And yeah, I kinda figured that would be the traumatic event. I mean, what else but that would cause all that drama and drinking and pills? I know so much more about this movie than I ever wanted to.

 - Leo's latest movie, The Revenant, screened for critics this week. While reviews are embargoed, the general consensus is that it's awesome and awards will rain.  This could be Leo's year! Suck it internet haters. So what if it's mostly because his biggest competition is Matt Damon in a pseudo comedy role?

- HuffPo has a great article about de-escalation, something all women do without realizing it. And the author is absolutely right - it's something we do automatically even though it makes us feel like crap, even though we continue to regret our response days and weeks later. Listen.