Weekly Roundup, December 18th

We made it through five days of work! Especially impressive for the holiday season. Let's celebrate!

Mashable gets it - Say farewell to your 9-to-5 and hello to a more flexible work day! Yes please.

- While I'm not a huge Star Wars fan (don't judge, I just never gave it a try), I'm impressed with Kathleen Kennedy and what she has undertaken. Here is her speech from this week's film premiere.

- It's hard to get shit done towards the end of the year, with holiday music everywhere and bad weather. Buzzfeed provides a playlist that is supposed to help.

- FiveThirtyEight summarizes the fifth Republican debate so one doesn't actually have to watch it. Honestly, I can't believe it's not even 2016 and we're already on debate number five. And has their really been an effect on the election with any of these debates?

- There's a new Harry Potter movie! I'm conflicted - part of me wants to just stick with the original books and leave it at that. But at least J.K. Rowling is involved with this. And the trailer looks pretty awesome.

- It can't be a roundup without Hamilton! Time has a nice article on the show's diversity, as part of it's Best of 2015 series.