Christmas 2015: A summary

I have a few days left of my Christmas/New Years break before I return to work. It's my last break until I move to Germany. Which I should really be preparing for... One more chance to procrastinate.

Here are some things from my Christmas break, in addition to the pop culture (mainly movies...) covered earlier.

Friends: I got to see a few college friends I don't see often as we all congregated within a few hours of our alma mater for family Christmases. One more time before I go to Europe! It meant a lot of time in my car getting to everyone but I'm getting ready to say good-bye to the Prius for a year, I had the Hamilton soundtrack, and gas was less than two bucks! Therefore, the driving wasn't exactly a hardship but it was worth it to catch up and see everyone. Also, a friend from work also had a lovely New Year's Eve Party and let me sleep on her couch. Thanks Renuka!

Family: Lots of family time! I feel like I had nice one-on-one time with everyone - movies and dinner with my mom (Mockingjay) and my brother (Star Wars), lunch with my grandma. Even had the chance to argue politics with Dad! There is some upcoming fun with my grandpa and aunt and uncle - they're helping me move my crap to a storage unit this weekend. Quality family time! For the holidays, my mom's side got together for the usual Christmas stuff - white elephant gifts, cheeseballs and pickle wraps, and new drinking games - this year was Exploding Kittens (so fun) and Red Light Green Light (anything can be a drinking game!). The best though was probably my day with my goddaughter Peyton. I wanted to say goodbye to her before I head abroad for six months and went all out, watching her all day Tuesday while her mom was at work. This was a first for me - I've never been in charge of a tiny human for that long! We survived and it was a great day; we did everything from play with dolls to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to read about princesses.

Gifts: Okay, I swear I'm at the point in my life where it's more fun to give gifts than to receive. But it's still pretty fun to get them... My parents got me a tablet! I've always felt they were dumb and wasteful, but then I realized that what I need is a tablet, not a laptop. What do I use my laptop for? Internetting, writing, and reading. That's tablet stuff! They also bought me a keyboard and a nice case, so it will be perfect for blog drafting. I'm especially excited to have it while I'm in Europe. It was a pain in the ass lugging my big laptop around on the train. Now I've got the tiny tablet! I've even downloaded a few movies through Google for when I'm internet-less. There were a also a few other things that will be very useful while travelling - a dual voltage hair straightener, eye mask, adult coloring books (for long flights). My mom gave into my new label obsession, getting a pair of gloves from Eddie Bauer and a pair of boots from Clarks. I've also got a Hamilton t-shirt coming (still in the mail, please get here before my flight). Finally, my mentor gave me a book of lists. She gets me, guys. I'm excited to start working on but also it means a chunk of posts next year will just be lists...

Merry Christmas! Time to pack up the tree and the ornaments for another year. I can't wait for the holiday season in 2016 - I hear Europe knows how to celebrate it.