Christmas Roundup: Pop Culture

Guys, I have so much shit to do - I'm moving to Germany in six days and there's so many varieties of shit that need to get done: work, moving, apartment, personal. And I would like to put together one or two blog posts from the notes I made while home for the past two weeks before tomorrow's weekly roundup. Priorities!

Like at Thanksgiving, there was a major consumption of pop culture while I was home for the holidays. Here is a summary!

Unfortunately, it's primarily the film type - I'm still working my way through the Hamilton biography, so nothing new on the book front (though I did take an Entertainment Weekly break for their end of the year issue). There wasn't a lot of television either - I started Jane the Virgin and finished the rest of Rick and Morty. Movies though…

I made my brother watch Ex Machina. It's still perfect. We went on a bit of a Oscar Isaac binge after that:

Inside Llewyn Davis. This is one of those movies I've been meaning to watch since it came out two years ago. I'm sure I have it downloaded somewhere. The Coen brothers never disappoint. It's moody and odd and the music is great. Oscar Isaac though, this is his movie. It rests on his eyebrows and goatee alone. His exasperation and exhaustion permeate every scene. There isn't much of a plot, he just seems to exist in his misery. And it isn't a bad guy to spend two hours with.

Star Wars. I don't have anything to add here that hasn't already been said in every corner of the internet in the past few weeks. It was two hours of pure joy.

We also ended up having a bit of an Adam Driver movie, looking back at them. Well, wishing good things for both of them! It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if he's the best thing to come out of Girls.

For non-Driver or Isaac, movies:

Mad Max. It's at the top of everyone's best of lists. And I have to say… I might agree with it (though again, I haven't seen much this year - I still need to see a bunch of movies I probably never will, like Steve Jobs and Carol and Spotlight.). The movie was just fucking fun. It was crazy and bananas and it didn't let up for a moment of the whole damn thing. But it was good fun. I have to say, I would rather have Charlize Theron's character than Max himself in the next one. It was her movie and she was just a badass. And Nicholas Holt! The movie was just him screwing up over and over again, coming so close to glory and losing it. The wives were interesting and bad ass as well, helping Furiosa at every opportunity rather than sitting there, waiting to be rescued. What was great though was the world they created. There wasn't a lot of exposition. You're just dropped into the world, trying to keep up as different gangs and points of view and hints are dropped. Also, the tree thing? Perfect! I didn't want the hell I was watching half the time but I knew I was enjoying it. The pole guys! Just great, well put together action. So fast paced!

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. Finally got around to seeing this. It isn't the best of the series (Catching Fire) or the worst (Hunger Games). It did a nice job of wrapping everything up. It was on the long side, lots of false endings. And the love triangle stuff never really works. Let's blame Hemsworth because Katniss and Peeta by themselves are great. Seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman was sad and in parts it was obvious they had to write around his death, which is unfortunate for his last movie.

On a more positive note: I also watched The Little Mermaid with my goddaughter!

Hamilton: Nothing to add here except that I made everyone listen to it. I'm officially that person now. Sorry friends and family, thanks for putting up with me.