Weekly Roundup, December 11th

We made it through another five days of work! Time to celebrate.

- Wired offers some really gross CGI fonts for your Friday.

- An inside look at life after being a viral sensation.

Pajiba has a great review of Joy. Spoiler alert: DOR is an asshole.

- Trying to limit it to one Hamilton-related entry this week. Slate looks back at Lin-Manuel's previous Hamilton roles. While his talent is clear in the Sopranos cameo, the Heights' procrastination video is my fave.

- Donald Trump went full Hitler this week in regard to his comments on Muslims. Pajiba asks "How Did It Come to This?"

- Someone had to do it: Jezebel ranks Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour guests.

- It's that time of year! Time for Top 10 Things of 2015! Here is Time's annual list of lists. Wow, I really did not watch many movies this year.