Weekly Roundup, January 15th

I made it through my first week in Germany! Woohoo, celebration time.

Real talk: there is going to be a lot of Hamilton here. I'm in a foreign country - I need comfort food! Also, Vulture has had a Hamilton week, since it's Alexander's birthday this week. Let's blame them!

- The State of the Union (Obama's last!!) was on Tuesday. And Twitter did its best, combining Hamilton quotes and the President's speech. WSJ has a a select few.

- Alex Lacamoire gets into the weeds on the music behind Hamilton.

- Celebrity responses to our fave musical.

- A summary of why Lin-Manuel MIranda is such a unique, perfect snowflake.

- An interview with Maria, Angelica, Thomas, and Aaron. Thanks Vulture for making the Weekly Roundup easy this week!

- Finally, the three King Georges!

And now for those not related to our favorite Broadway musical...

- The Razzies were announced this year. Honestly, I thought Fifty Shades came out a lot longer ago... 

- Like Robin Williams' death a few years ago, David Bowie's was equally shocking. He was sick? He was mortal? While a Labyrinth re-watch is in order, the Guardian has Bowie's favorite books.

- And since I wrote the above note, Alan Rickman also passed away. What the hell, 2016? Here is a lovely tribute from Wired.

- On a much more positive note... The Golden Globes were this weekend! While I am ambivalent on the prizes themselves, let's check out the fashion! Go Fug Yourself, as always, has a lovely roundup.