Weekly Roundup, January 22nd

We made it through another week of work. Let's celebrate!

- Let's start off with MILK: Our Hamilton read MLK's 'Beyond Vietnam' speech from the same podium as the man himself in 1967. Pajiba also has the best and worst of the internet on Monday.

- Time uses math to make you feel bad about getting married young or still being single. Thanks, Time.

- The first one isn't really Hamilton-related so here's this week's: PBS will air a documentary of making everyone's favorite founding father musical this fall. Can't wait!

- Looking forward to 2016: Buzzfeed has books you should be excited about.

- I just liked HuffPo's headline here: '12 Things Sarah Palin said in what we can only assume is the Real World.' Surprising no one, she did not make much sense.

- Slate covers CineFix's top ten opening sequences of all time. There is a little bit of cheating as the video also features several that didn't make top ten (shot out to recent faves, Gone Girl and Mad Max). Included in the top ten is Raging Bull, which is what I always think of when I think of great opening shots. The list definitely isn't surprising but it did make me want to go home and watch a dozen movies or so.

- Pajiba asks the important questions: Which of this year's Oscar nominees are available for streaming online? Here are your weekend plans!

- The internet has been going bananas over Black Tap's crazy milkshakes. However, I agree with Jezebel: these are bullshit. They're not milkshakes so much as Pinterest/Instagram fodder. Just go to Steak N Shake already!

- A new study indicates that our favorite stories (Beauty and the Beast!) may be much older than previously thought. Like, thousands of years older.