Weekly Roundup, January 29th

We made it through another week of work! Let's celebrate.

- Right before I left for Germany, I finally started watching Comedy Central's Broad City. It's hilarious, like Girls but without the pretension and self-awareness. Here's a few reasons why you should watch it. Also, HRC will be on next season!

- Someone posted this in my alma mater's lady engineering FB group and it generated a bit of drama, but here it is: the purpose of a lady's fuck off fund.

- That old adage: men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them.

- Apparently we don't know how to be happy properly. Luckily, Fast Company interviews a guy who does!

- Apparently Disney films got more sexist during the Renaissance. 

- For this week's Hamilton link(s), LMM offers Vulture twenty things that influenced Hamilton and the LA Times covers the upcoming national tour, kicking off in August 2017.