Woche Vier

We are on an upswing! Woche Vier is turning it around, guys.

My third/fourth floor people-watching balcony

My third/fourth floor people-watching balcony

First, I found my apartment soulmate. I moved in last Friday and spent the afternoon unpacking. Saturday I walked around the area. Sunday I found a nice place to go for a run. Well, I found a nice and quick way to get back to where I was already going for a run. But still - progress! 

There's the apartment itself, which is perfect. I told my colleague this the afternoon that I moved - it's the most adult place I've ever lived. And it's true! My old apartment, I was there four and a half years and I tried to make it an adult apartment, with art work and organization and color schemes. But it was still very much a recent college graduate apartment, with mismatching furniture and cheap appliances. But this is a big kid's apartment! With a washer dryer unit (that I am still struggling to figure out) and a built in espresso machine (it makes latte machiattos!). Matching furniture and so much storage space. Everything feels useful and necessary but nice. I am definitely still in the honeymoon period but going with it.

Then there's the neighborhood. It feels like a neighborhood. When I was here last year, I was in a boarding house among a bunch of car dealerships. This time, I'm really in a residential space. Within a couple of blocks, I've got multiple grocery stores, banks, restaurants. Even a school! It's also close to downtown, but not so close I feel unsafe or crowded. I think I'm really going to like it here.

There was also cultural training this week, which I will be posting about separately.

I've been in a weird mood this week. Maybe the length of this is hitting me? It's only a year but it's long enough I need to create a life here. I can't hide in my apartment every night, watching Netflix or Hulu (stupid Broad City discovery) and waiting until an acceptable time to go to bed. If that was what I was going to, I could have stayed in Indianapolis. After the cultural training was complete, the trainer asked me how I could make sure I maximize my year here. I think the next step is going to be looking at the entire year and start breaking it up, setting goals and milestones for myself. Otherwise it's going to be December and I'm not going to have anything to show for it except an empty Netflix queue. First step: meet up with Renuka's friend Kay, making a travel plan, and signing up for some Facebook or Meetup groups.