Weekly Roundup, February 5th

We made it through another week of work. Let's celebrate!

Let's see...

- The SAG Awards were this weekend. Nothing really surprising. It's definitely Leo's year. And Brie! Supporting actor and actress is still a bit of a tossup. And diversity was everywhere. Well that was easy, SAG. But who cares about the winners? It's all about the fashion! The Fug girls are on it.

Grease Live premiered on Sunday night. Everyone did a great job, especially Vanessa Hudgens, after the day she had, and Thomas Kail, Hamilton's own director. Take your shot, buddy. Also special: LMM's live-tweeting of the event, including male pregnancy. Wow, Lin, wow.

- For another Hamilton-related link: Lin also took to Twitter while traveling for Moana, performing an impromptu AMA. It's nice to see someone deserving of success just enjoying himself. Don't change, dude. Can't wait for The Hamilton Revolution book or Moana. And here's another list from Pajiba. It's always nice when the rest of the internet jumps on you MCM.

- Time offers fifteen words you should remove from your vocabulary. For the most part, I agree. I've been trying to remove the word 'just' for a few months now, based off a recommendation from my mentor. Also, I feel dumb and uneducated every time I use 'really' or 'very' instead of a more descriptive adverb.

- And now for a bit of politics: By all accounts, Cruz is a sociopath but at least we had some semblance of sanity and Trump didn't win. It's going to be Rubio, right? Also, it's nice to see Bernie hanging in there, though I'm not sure if I will be voting for him or Hillary by the time it gets to Illinois primaries (if it will even matter by then). Finally political thought - I really miss Jon Stewart and can't wait for John Oliver to return, though Trevor Noah (and, mostly, his correspondents) do seem to be improving. Here's a great article from Pajiba on Clinton's standing.

- I don't usually peruse Cracked, but a fellow alumni posted this in our lady engineering alum group: five hidden problems women still experience in the office.  While this list isn't wrong, it's better to just go ahead and read Lean In.

- Finally, Vanity Fair released it's annual Hollywood cover issue. Politics aside (yeah for diversity, both in race and age), I'm just hoping I can find this issue somewhere. Every Hollywood issue for the past twelve years is sitting in my storage unit in Indiana...

- Vulture compiled the 100 jokes that shaped comedy today. I don't know if I agree with any of this, but let's appreciate the hard work that went into compiling that list.

- The Oscars are coming. Wired makes it a little easier: here are seventeen Oscar-nominated films you can watch online. AKA my weekend.