Ich bin in Deuschland

Full disclosure, I had to check Google translate to make sure I had the write preposition in the title. Prepositions are hard, y'all!

This is Berlin. I'm actually not close to Berlin at all (just southwest of Frankfurt) but this was probably my fave German city that I got to see last year.

This is Berlin. I'm actually not close to Berlin at all (just southwest of Frankfurt) but this was probably my fave German city that I got to see last year.

But I am in Germany! I made it. And now, taking a break from packing, for a summary of my adventures! This is primarily first world problems of the international moving variety. It's been a stressful, emotional time, mostly overwhelming with the amount and variety of shit I need to get done. I've listened to the Hamilton soundtrack in its entirety at least a dozen times since Monday, no exaggeration. This is really just a demonstration of how little time I've had to watch television or interact with other human beings. I'm listening to it right now! The Schuyler Sisters accompany me.  

First, a self-assessment:

Physical health: 4/10. Karma bit me in the ass on Tuesday. I was supposed to get up early, have a couple of phone conferences with German colleagues, go for my last run at my apartment, then get a bunch of cleaning/packing done before my mom and sister arrived at noon. This did not happen. After surviving the great cold and flu season of 2015 without so much as a runny nose, rolling my eyes every time a colleague had to take another sick day or went through another box of Kleenex, I woke up on Tuesday unable to move. Everything hurt. My head did not feel like a head, I couldn't sit up. I was hot to the touch but chilled. Awesome! I woke up at 6:15 to prepare for a 7:30 phone call, said 'fuck it', and went back to bed until 7:15. I spent the hour-long phone call clutching my head, wanting to die. As soon as it was over, I went back to bed and remained there until 11:00, when I felt well enough to take a shower. My mom arrived with medicine around noon and I spent the rest of the day in various states of being miserable. Yesterday, I woke up without a fever but the vestiges of sickness. Today, the runny nose and a general feeling of crumminess persist but overall I'm so much better. Just pissed that my last day at the apartment, where I wanted to be so productive, ended up being such a struggle. Because I didn't get off my ass until almost noon and wasn't as helpful, everything was last minute - turning in my keys right before the apartment closed, turning in the cable box after Comcast closed, etc. So grateful for my mom and sister. Otherwise I'd probably still be a ball on my futon in my deserted apartment.

Emotional health: 5/10. Leaving it at 5 because right now I'm pretty okay, but it's seriously been all over the place this week. On Tuesday, I cried because I wasn't feeling well. Today I cried because I couldn't find my phone charger. Not serious tears but enough that I just decided to screw it and took a two hour nap this afternoon. I did get honestly emotional a few times Monday and Tuesday, realizing it was my last time in that apartment, taking that drive home from work, seeing these people in that office. I've been well aware of saying goodbye family, friends, my cat, but the everyday life I'm leaving in Indianapolis didn't occur to me until I was actually saying goodbye to it. Also, I've been skipping the last couple of songs on the Hamilton soundtrack today, when people start dying, after I teared up on the plane during "It's Quiet Uptown." I'm too delicate for Act Two right now.

Stress level: 9.99/10. This is an exaggeration, maybe. I was definitely at 10 for a bit this morning, but after the nap and a quick run (there is a park right by my boarding house!) I'm feeling much better. I keep thinking the hard part is going to be over soon; first it was packing up the apartment, then it was cleaning it, then it was getting on the plane, then it was getting here, etc. I think the actual stress will really start abating on the 22nd, when I move into my permanent apartment. Until then, it's slowing slipping away at least. Also, I've got a Xanax waiting for me after my Skype date with my mom. That helps.

Hunger: I'm just putting this here... I haven't had much to eat this week, between illness and stress. I think I've still somehow managed to gain weight though, don't worry. I watched Amy Schumer's Apollo special on the plane and I just want to paste everything she said about body image and body type here.

Now for work stuff!

Actual work: 8/10. This is fine. I've finished what I need to before I start in the new office on Monday. I have all day tomorrow and this weekend to get stuff organized and prepared for Monday. I might honestly get bored!

People: 8/10. Everyone is so nice and helpful! And I've really needed help this week...

IT: 0/10. Okay, probably more like 2/10. The IT team migrated my account from the North American domain to the European domain. And now I can't access my email or any shared drives or the intranet. And, depending on the time of day and the direction of the wind, I can't log onto my laptop at all. Fun times! Between a frantic call at the airport yesterday and this afternoon on campus, I've been on the phone with IT for around 3 hours so far. This is way too much in a 48 hours period. It's also just something I was not at all planned for. I already had so many things to worry about! I hope it's resolved by Monday, but honestly, who the hell knows. Really grateful for the tablet and my phone, which at least I can access my personal email, which I've shared with work people to get by with until the other stuff gets fixed.

Finally, the boarding house. I'm here until my apartment is available on the 22nd. And I just finished unpacking! I didn't want to live out of suitcases for two weeks. Also, since I'll have a car and won't be restricted to airport rules, getting from the boarding house to the apartment can take whatever form it needs to. Mostly I'm just excited to be finished unpacking, with almost everything in its place.

Auf Wiedersehen!