Weekly Roundup, October 21st

That time of the week again.

Only 19 days until the election, but at least we've finally put all the 'debates' behind us. I'm going to be on vacation the week before the election, getting back from a few days in Italy on Sunday the 6th. I can't tell if this is a great decision or a terrible one. The links I've collected this week are, sadly, all related to the election. It's unavoidable! Here we go, grab a sangria:

Slate gives us the best and the worst from Wednesday's debate. I appreciated Clinton's response on abortion but Trump continues to suck all the oxygen from the room, starting with calling his opponent a 'nasty woman' (for a comment on social security, learn to pick your battles, dude) and questioning the foundation of our democracy. Nice!

- Briefly, on the topic of abortion, everyone wondering why late-term abortions should be a thing must read this Jezebel interview with a woman who recently had an abortion at 32 weeks. It was done legally but required a flight to Colorado, lots of bulletproof glass, 10k in cash, and 24 hours of labor.

- In Clinton's corner, The Cut provides advice from powerful women on how to deal with rude assholes, for anyone who got deja vu Wednesday night.

- Also at The Cut, video from a rally this week in which Trump attempted to kiss a little girl. When you have multiple women coming forward alleging sexual assault, including young women from the Miss Teen USA organization, maybe don't try to kiss a kid on the mouth, dumbass.

- Keegan Michael Key is here to terrify you on what might happen if we have a President Trump in 2017.

Wired has a fun graphic to demonstrate what the rest of the world is googling in regards to our election.

- Wednesday night, Twitter gave us #TrumpBookReports, combining some of my favorite things - making fun of what an idiot Trump is and classic literature. Make Gatsby Great Again!

- The Hamilton gang performed at a Democratic fundraiser this week, modifying the "Ten Duel Commandments" lyrics into a pro-Clinton rap. It's not nearly as successful as the SNL monologue from a few weeks ago, but we'll take what we can get.

Finally, two happy bits of entertainment news for a break from the election crap:

- It's almost Halloween! In addition to scary movies, another great personal favorite are the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror bits. I haven't seen this year's set yet but, luckily, the Fox Now app has all the episodes. Until then, I'm revisiting old ones via this handy Buzzfeed ranking list. Just last night I rewatched the 1994 and 1995 episodes, which are arguably the best collective sets. This list feels pretty accurate. My favorites are probably "Time and Punishment" and "The Devil and Homer Simpson," though it's a tough call.

- Hamilton again. The Chicago production officially debuted this week. While seeing the original cast (minus Groff) was an incredible experience I'll never forget, I'm so happy to see it transitioning with other actors as new creatives get to breathe life into these iconic roles. Hopefully I can see it in Chicago as well (it would be a lot closer to home at least...). And don't forget to check out the PBS documentary, debuting this week. This expat is hoping it's available in Germany.