Weekly Roundup, October 28th

Friday! I'm on vacation (again) next week, so no roundup, but this one has extra links!

Giodranos pizza at the O'Hare airport. Pizza, I miss you.

Giodranos pizza at the O'Hare airport. Pizza, I miss you.

There are eleven (!!) days until the election and this is my last round up, so I'm focusing on my candidate. Screw that other guy.

- First up, Time looks back on the various times they have captured Hillary Clinton. It's an interesting perspective - the photographer - and ranges from her time as Arkansas First Lady to her final year as Secretary of State.

- This week, The New Yorker published an endorsement of Hillary. Like other endorsements, it starts off with the anti-endorsement, listing off her opponent's lengthy list of disqualifying behaviors and statements. But then, midway through the piece, it changes tone and describes why we should vote not for 'anyone but him' but, specifically, for Secretary Clinton, revisiting her accomplishments and policies. It's disheartening that our first female President will come from this nasty campaign of racism, sexism, and nationalism. I imagine a Clinton v. Bush or Clinton v. Rubio campaign may have been cleaner and more focused on policy and more worthy of Hillary's talents, but this is what we've got and I can't wait for it to be over.

The New York Times watched the third and, thankfully, final, debate, with Clinton's grade-school friends. They offer a very different perspective from what we've seen of the candidate before and it's a refreshing take. Also, Betsy's son posted a great letter to his "Aunt Hillary" on Facebook earlier this campaign.

- One more from NYT: an opinion piece asking hipsters to move to the Midwest to help change Iowa, and other states, blue. I totally get what the author is saying but I did that, for five years. I lived in Indiana and voted there in 2012 and 2014. In 2016 I voted in my parents' Illinois county, a county that will undoubtedly go red. Illinois will vote for Hillary but my county won't. When I voted this year, just like in 2012 and 2014, the majority of the spots on the ballot had Republicans running either entirely unopposed or against other Republicans. It sucks. It sucks to see Trump/Pence or Romney/Ryan signs everywhere, to see anti-abortion and anti-LGBT ads everywhere. It sucks to have most of your neighbors disagreeing with you. I'm going to have to share my Thanksgiving dinner with Republicans the rest of my life. It's my family and that's fine (though my mom and siblings somehow came out the other side, thanks for keeping me sane) but my friends and neighbors? I get to pick them and I want to agree with them. In 2014, during the election, I was in Boston for work and the ads there were night and day from what I was seeing back in Indiana. It was so refreshing. So, sorry, NYT, but when I return to the States next year, I'm going to find somewhere that's in blue country. I did my time in a red state in the Midwest. Some other millennial liberal can take up the mantle. It's thankless and exhausting and I'm tired of arguing with Republicans or hiding what I believe.

- For a laughing break, Pajiba looked at SNL's take on the third debate. I agree with Dustin: Alec is great and all that, but Kate's cocky and self-assured Clinton will be missed. Honestly, she's probably the only thing from the election that I'll miss. Maybe that and the podcast entertainment from NPR Politics and Keepin' It 1600.

- Before we welcome the Clintons back to the White House, a moment for what we're losing (though please stay in the public eye in some capacity and continue to do good, sincerely, selfish liberals everywhere). The Fug Girls take a look at Mrs. Obama's fashion choices over the years (mostly elegant and classic, with a few misses) while her husband stops by Jimmy Kimmel to destroy Trump and also talk up his successor. While I'm excited for Madame President, President Obama's sense of humor is going to be hard to follow.

- This strays from politics a bit but it's still a ringing endorsement for Clinton and, more importantly should be read by every woman or man who intends to interact with women.

- And, finally, let's all sigh with relief and check our FiveThirtyEight and NYT's Upshot one more time.

That's enough with politics. Back to pop culture:

- Okay, a little bit of politics for this one. President Obama offers his Essential Reading List to Wired. Time to update the Amazon Wishlist.

- That study that your favorite glass of wine is going to kill you? Maybe too much cell phone use will probably give you brain cancer? Don't worry - Vox is here to help you sleep at night.

- I recently finished the last episode of The Good Wife and I'm still not over it. It was disappointing and felt unearned. It wasn't a series finale. I'm going to pretend it ended with season five but, as usual, the Fug Girls get it. Here's their take on the last episode and I basically second all of it.

Grease Live was fun and I love the Tim Curry version of Rocky Horror Picture Show, so I gave Fox's version a shot. And regretted it as soon as "Double Feature" got started. It was just not good at all. Not being LIVE was definitely a bad decision but also I had the impression that no one involved "got" the original. At least most people who watched it agreed with my assessment.

- Finally, there's Hamilton news. Vulture rounds up what we can expect in the musical's future.