Weekly Roundup, October 7th

It's Friday! Also, no roundup next week due to travel, so I'll try to make this one lengthy.

Real talk: this cheesecake I had at an Italian restaurant in London (Bella Italia, I think it's a local chain) was some of the best I've had. Look it up.

Real talk: this cheesecake I had at an Italian restaurant in London (Bella Italia, I think it's a local chain) was some of the best I've had. Look it up.

- Let's get the dirt out of the way: politics. First up, The Atlantic has only endorsed three presidents in its history: Lincoln, LBJ, and, now, Hillary. It's take down of Trump pulls no punches. My favorite? Suggesting the oaf doesn't even read.

- As for the VP debates, I'm frustrated Pence's long history of ruining the lives of LGBTQ individuals did not come up, but at least we had a chance to chat about abortion, that single issue that women's health gets filtered through. Jezebel gives a woman a chance to share her harrowing story of a necessary late-term abortion.

- Ivanka Trump, once thought to be the shining light among the Trump trolls, has demonstrated the apple actually doesn't fall far from the tree. In a recent ad for her father, to try to ebb his flailing points with women, she touts that a woman's most important job is motherhood. While men get to be president and CEOs, I guess. The Cut talks about how this line of thought is dumb and damaging.

- One more political link, then we can move on. Graydon Carter has a long-standing Trump feud, going back decades and somewhat based on the size of the orange idiot's fingers. He takes the opportunity to share his thoughts and point of view on the campaign.

- This one isn't political, per say, but let's just take a moment to appreciate these guys before they go.

- I don't think I've mentioned Shameless on here before, but it's a show my sister and I were briefly obsessed with, binging the first few seasons, only to be let down by the most recent spurt of episodes. I can't remember which of the latest round I've seen but over at pajiba, the support for Lip is heartbreaking. As Dustin mentions, everyone has their avatar in the series and mine has always been Lip, making his self-destruction all the more frustrating and disappointing.

- On the expat side, I might include this in a future article about my experience in Germany, but for now I'll just leave it here: the unsad lunch of Germans. The article is right. The lunch hour is sacrosanct and serious and you do not eat lunch alone or at your desk.

- Now I'm dipping in the Reddit threads but these were both tremendously enjoyable and timely for me. Over on Ask Reddit, they take a look at scary film recommendations, which are always appreciated this time of the year, and also the plot holes in Harry Potter. For me, the biggest Harry Potter conundrum I just can't get over it the lack of non-magical education. Where's English and Math? Okay, maybe physics and chemistry aren't as important when you have magic, but everyone needs to be able to conjugate verbs and calculate a derivative. My plot holes aside, the folks at Reddit come up with some I never even considered. Well done!

- One thing I miss: Friends. I know, so silly, but, since I picked up the box set in college, Friends has been the sitcom version of comfort food. It's the thing I try to fall asleep to, the thing that's on in the background while I do busy work. And I can't find anyway to legally watch it here! It's especially harrowing as we approach the holiday season. Is it really Thanksgiving if you can't binge the nine perfect Thanksgiving episodes? All that aside, Vulture is taking a look at the best couples of television. While Ross and Rachel bested Monica and Chandler in an early round, they remain my favorite.

- Finally, let's check in with the Hamilton gang. Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is hosting SNL this week (please do something withing with the Trump/Pence campaign and Che/Jost, stop pretending Clinton and Trump are on equal ground), Daveed Diggs stops by Black-ish, and the whole gang (with some impressive help) would like to remind you to vote. More importantly, PBS is premiering the Hamilton's America documentary that takes a look on the creation of the musical. Can't wait!