Weekly Roundup, November 11th

We made it through the election. Now let's make it through the next four years without getting into a war with our allies!

My diet this week.

My diet this week.

Warning - these are all political. I rambled about the election and next steps in general in a separate post.

- Van Jones' take on CNN is a must-see, a reminder that this isn't a typical candidate and there are Americans who are scared and have every right to be.

- Salon looks at the normalization of Trump and the denormalization of Clinton. While the election is over and some of this is moot, it's important that we can't normalize racism, sexism, sexual assault, Islamophobia. Etc.

- In that vein, here is a great article for Trump supporters. Voted for him because you want change or someone new in Washington but insist you're not racist? Then read this.

- Jezebel lists charities that could probably use some help under a Trump/Pence administration. An easy first step!

- David Plouffe, who has spent the past several months assuring us 'bed-wetters', looks at what he got wrong.

- One more serious note: Harry Reid's blistering note to POETUS. Reid retired this year but he really delivered his state, one of the few battleground states that went blue and also delivered a blue Senator and a blue state legislative branch. The letter is excellent and he does not hold back.

And now for the funny!

- Michelle Wolf has been funny and insightful this cycle on The Daily Show and she's spot-on in her response to the election and even she gets teary at the end.

- Seth Meyer's writer comes on to invite the sad white liberals to the fun. Thanks, Amber!

- Samantha Bee's message: white women have some serious karma to work off. Yep. Here is where I have one last good bit of news to help me sleep at night - Trump won every white group, except college-educated white women (all other types of white women he won and all types of white men, so, not great!). Women's education just became even more important!

- Ethan Coen thanks everyone who contributed to Trump's win: third party voters, Comey, Weiner, Jimmy Fallon, media in general, the Electoral College, and the voters, who made this happen.

And let's end of the inspirational:

- Buzzfeed reminds us we've made it through worse.

- Politico's list of reasons liberals should be hopeful honestly made me feel better. Here you go!

- Finally, the White House photographer shares some of his favorite photos of the Obama's. The little boy touching Obama's hair... Let's keep these for when we get really desolate. Cheers!