Weekly Roundup, November 25th

We made it to Friday. For some of us, that probably included a super-awkward Thanksgiving dinner, so let's celebrate with fun links.

- The Mini Metro project does just that, miniaturizes city metros. My favorites are Paris and London. Also, US, get your shit together on public transit.

- There's new Gilmore girls arriving via Netflix this week. Take a look at the most famous guest stars, because everyone could use some Hamm.

- A recent survey lists the 18 countries where expats have the best quality of life. Germany came in at number nine. Thanks for being my home for the past year, Deutschland!

- Not included in my Thanksgiving Friends episodes: Ross's moist-maker. EW takes a look at how to make the thing.

- Here are the best audiobook recordings of all time, apparently. In general, I'm not a fan of audiobooks. I prefer reading the thing or listening to something meant to be listened to, but sometimes there's a long car ride and you need one. The Stephen Fry HP recordings I've been meaning to give a try for awhile now. Personally, I think the Gone Girl recording is pretty excellent. I listened to it on a ten-hour car ride before reading the thing itself.

Finally, Political Links. I went a little overboard last week. This week, going for more positive and interesting news.

- The graphics team over at NYT took a look at Trump's America and Clinton's America. It's interesting to see the differences geographically. There have been lots of articles since the election about a rural/urban divide and it's startling here. 

- Finally, I'm going to try to do one dump of 'Shit That Is Terrifying Me This Week.' Because there's a lot of it, basically daily, and I don't want to lose sight of any of it. First, the appointments continue to be racist pieces of shit, like the guy that was too racist to be a federal judge in the 80s but is now up for AG. The Trumps claimed to willing to sacrifice for the country, but the family is staying at Trump Tower in NYC, costing tax payers literally a million dollars a day (go to the fucking White House already), and Trump is entirely unwilling to separate himself from his business, including his kids on phone calls to world leaders and using his position to get a better deal for his hotels in Argentina. JFC. In general, his calls to other world leaders has been a gigantic clusterfuck that could have serious international implications. And let's not forget that $25 million dollar settlement where our new President admitted to defrauding American people. Then there's the really scary thing: his behavior to the press. To begin with, Monday he had a crazy, dictator-like meeting with the heads of media, calling them unfair liars and picking on individual reporters. He also has yet to hold a press conference, something other modern president-elects were doing regularly by this point. How can we hold a President accountable when we don't even know the fuck is going on? For example, he literally lied about the Hamilton fiasco this weekend. Besides a general middle finger to the first amendment, he stated that the cast harassed Mike Pence, which is fundamentally not true (the audience booed him, the cast thanked him for coming and hoped his administration would represent all people). We will have a President who lies, even about easily proven facts. We need the media more than ever. We also have the most unqualified President in history who seems uninterested in briefings from the intelligence community. Wow! And one more fun tidbit: literal Nazis celebrating Trump's victory. And Clinton's popular vote win continues to widen