Weekly Roundup, December 2nd

It's December and I'm officially freaking out. But at least it's Friday!

Okay food and wine, but excellent bread, in Naples, Italy

Okay food and wine, but excellent bread, in Naples, Italy

Non-political links first:

- Okay this is kind of a cheat, but I don't understand our gun culture, at all. Vox reminds us why it's terrifying and unusual and uniquely American. Graph number six was especially stark for me.

- That Hamilton boycott was not the most effective. Congrats to a stellar team for breaking yet another record.

- Speaking of boycott, checkout the app buycott. You can sign up for campaigns you care about and check major purchases to ensure your shopping aligns with whatever keeps you up at night.

- As for buying stuff, I am woefully behind on Christmas shopping. Here are gifts for all the basic bitches in your life! I love at least half of these. #basic.

- Obama continues to be the best. Can we just keep him?

- Looking for comfort: German Netflix has Friends now! I basically consume it at all times. For fun, here's Rachel's trifle! It did not taste good.

- Buzzfeed has the best German junk food. My faves: currywurst, HARIBO, and paprika chips. I'm also really going to miss a few things not listed, like the open-faced salami sandwiches and the best bread ever.

- More fun: it's time for the end of the year lists to start up! And let's start with Time's top episodes of this year. Some of these are silly (and that was not the best of OitNB this season) but the Bojack, American Crime, GoT, and Black Mirror selections? Great job!

- Something this extremely divided country can agree on: this is a good thing! Netflix continues to bring us all together.

- Finally, our Hamilton creator (I still really need to watch that Hamildoc and Moana, on it as soon as I return Stateside, promise) stopped by Drunk History for the show's premiere. He's a genius, even when drunk, and the success couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Cheers! To go with that drink: here's the thoughts behind every Hamilton Mixtape song, which was finally released today.

And here's the new feature I added last week to the weekly roundup: stuff that is scaring the shit out of me this week! Also, check out re:act and flippable for concrete steps you can take to limit the damage of the incoming administration. Finally, join a local Facebook Pantsuit Nation. I know this is silly but I'm in the Illinois and Central Indiana chapters and there's consistently actionable items, like quick emails, petitions, and scripts for calling your representatives. Also, every time I call, the people on the other end are honestly really friendly and just want my info. Much nicer than the assholes on Twitter!

Here we go: potential appointees continue to be Bond villains, including people who want to privatize education and gut healthcare. Bonus: they're all billionaires and super inexperienced! Education is super-troubling to me as this demonstrated there is a serious lack of critical thinking skills in this country. Fake news, media bias, and bubbles are serious problems and the country can't decipher what is what - now is not the time to destroy public education! Finally, the most experienced guy up for a cabinet position gave his girlfriend classified info (aka, the thing that Hillary did one sixth of and it was enough to 'lock her up.') If you didn't die from irony, there's more! The President-Elect doesn't believe in facts or the first amendment and the conflicts of interest are bananas. For the next four years, serious federal government foreign affairs decisions might get made based off Trump tower locations! The media continues to disappoint, like the Wall Street Journal, which took three paragraphs to note that the totally unfounded tweet about election fraud from Trump might not be accurate, this NYT article about why we all just can't get along is A+. And while our President Elect might have the attitude of an 8 year old, other Americans are not doing so great either, at Starbucks, Michaels, or Delta flights.

Final note: the incoming president is an extremely lucky bastard (besides being born a rich, white male) - Obama is handing him a great economy and job market. It took Obama eight years to fix the messes of the previous administration. Wonder how fast it will take the next jackass to fuck it up? Or take credit for it?