Weekly Roundup, December 9th

My penultimate Friday in Germany. Are you freaking out yet?

Slate has the coolest toy for Friends geeks. They created a mechanism to play around with the different groups, figure out who had the most scenes with who. I love stuff like this - analyzing a totally random piece of a thing you love. I'm sure we'll have some version of this for Game of Thrones within a year that it's over. It will just be way more complicated! Also, where do I get a job reading through TV transcripts?

- I'm not to the part where I list terrifying stuff from the news, but this is slightly political. The real new tea party? Urban cities, which are increasingly less powerful than the rural counterparts when it comes to federal voting. At least cities have the better museums and restaurants? Hamilton?

- Speaking of urban cities, Wired takes a look at commute maps, demonstrating how silly states are and a need to reorganize. Plus, nifty graph!

Wired, one more time: the never-ending puzzle. This stresses me out but also excites me.

- I recently reread Handmaid's Tale. It's a beautiful, beautiful book. The narrator's voice, the lovely prose, the terrifying and yet believable descent into dystopia. A great book. Maybe don't read it if you're following the news. But! A Hulu project is in the works and it looks incredible. Can't wait, Peggy Olson!

- The AV Club offers up some podcasts to check out. I've added a bunch to my list. Also, can't recommend "Keepin' It 1600" enough. These guys are keeping me sane and will be vital the next four years!

And now, the things that are scaring the shit out of me this week!

- The next First Daughter is sitting in on phone calls with Japanese officials while finalizing a deal with a Japanese clothing company; meanwhile, her dad is changing decades of foreign policy via Twitter and checking in with foreign governments without talking to the State department, seemingly related to hotel developments. Major changes in foreign policy, especially the uninformed, leads to wars. Paul Ryan is a spineless coward, so much for checks and balances. And fake news continues to be super dangerous, as a totally made up story pedaled by the next National Security Advisor led to a man with a gun 'investigating' a pizza place. How soon until we start burning books and putting nonconformists on lists?