Weekly Roundup, February 19th

We made it through a week of work. Let's celebrate!

To my work BFF, Renuka, who is visiting me in Germany the next two weeks!

To my work BFF, Renuka, who is visiting me in Germany the next two weeks!

- So it's Friday and the debate was Saturday, but I have to share this from Slate - the best lines from the Republican debate. And by best, most rage-inducing.

- Buzzfeed digs into fanfiction. Like many, I started writing with fanfiction. It's a great way to get started with a pen - the world and characters and relationships are there, you just put your own flare to it. Before the internet was a part of my daily life, my friend Heather and I would exchange hand-written pages of the stuff, taking turns writing pages. In college, the first stuff I shared with others wasn't original but Harry Potter fanfiction - a short about an AU in which Ron kills Harry is still the one I'm proudest of. Also, I totally agree with the writer - Joey and Pacey for ever.

- Reminder that women in leadership positions is actually a good thing. Are you leaning in?

- For this week's Ham links, we have Elmo (so friggin' adorable) and Grammy's - the performance and acceptance speech were perfect, as expected. Everyone in the cast just seems to be having the best time. 

- Reminder that John Oliver is back on television saying things. The third season premiere was excellent in every way, from the updated opening sequence to the first comedic take on Scalia to the rage-inducing overview of voter ID laws and ending with the incredible, self-referential dildogate...

- Speaking of Scalia, Pajiba knows the only solution to the current political dilemma: The West Wing and Aaron Sorkin.

- Political debate for our times: what are the limitations to technology in a trial? Our phones?

- And to end on a positive note: Period pain is finally getting some attention!