Weekly Roundup, February 26th

We made it through a week of things!

This week has been the worst. So TBT to that time my aunt and I got drunk on a boat!

This week has been the worst. So TBT to that time my aunt and I got drunk on a boat!

- Pajiba ranks Quentin Tarantino's movies. I have loved the guy's films ever since I saw Kill Bill Vol. 1.. As for Pajiba's ranking, I liked both Death Proof and Django more than the writer, but I'm so glad he included the dialogue from the Klan scene. And he convinced me to give Hateful a try!  I don't know if this would be my ranking but it's a nice reminder that I really love these movies and each one is almost perfect. While it might not be the best of the bunch, Basterds is absolutely the most watchable and the one I've seen the most number of times. 

Girls new season debuted this week. Slate reviews and I agree with the sentiment that Slate, and other writers, puts forth: sure, the show is still occasionally funny but its strayed from its original purpose, there hasn't been much character growth, and it's definitely not the cultural touchstone it once was. There isn't an urgency to see it. Sure, I'll watch the new season but I'll forget it as soon as it's over.

- I bought Room on Amazon Video this weekend. And like anyone else who has seen, I thought it was excellent. A movie about loss and hope and growing up and regret. And like everyone else who has seen it, Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are incredible. Brie's character goes through every emotion and Brie excels at every single one of them. She totally inhabits both the desperate mother and the lost teenager. But the real star is Tremblay. The movie does an excellent job of putting the audience in his point of view. Relevant link: Brie's and Jacob's Instagrams! Both worth following.

- For Hamilton, here's a look behind the scenes at the incredible costumes. Also on the topic of Hamilton clothes, I got two Hamilton t-shirts this week! Late Christmas gifts from my mom. One from the show's site, the other from a fanmade-like Etsy website (she also ordered some Rick and Morty for my brother's birthday!). 

- Okay, one more Hamilton: Great interview with Lin from our Ham4Ham videographer, Howard Sherman. I appreciate his affection for high school students. A single experience at that age can change a person's life. And the show continues to pick up the hardware... LMM won another award! Up next: Pulitzer and the Tony's!

- Like most people, I love To Kill a Mockingbird and will be rereading it (for the third or fourth time) in the near future. I have serious issues with Go Set a Watchman and don't plan to ever read it. That aside, Harper Lee left behind a legacy and Atticus and Scout will outlive her. Rest in peace and thank you for your story. NPR has an article on her life and death.

- Buzzfeed ranks the best picture winners. Wow, some really crappy and undeserving movies won... This list serves as a reminder as how pointless these awards are (though so excited for Leo to finally get his this weekend!). It's especially disheartening to see some of the movies that didn't win or weren't even nominated (Singin' in the Rain, Brokeback Mountain, GOODFELLAS). I liked Birdman better than the writer but it's tragic it won over Boyhood. Also, this list sent me down a serious Wikipedia hole and reminded me of some really great movies. Just thinking of Terms of Endearment and The Apartment make me tear up. Also I really need to see All About Eve. And about a dozen or two other movies on the list. 

- Jeb! dropped out this week. Slate has a great article describing what it was like to watch his swift descent from the other side of the aisle. I concur to all of this - by the end, I was almost rooting for the guy. (Almost). We probably just lost the most sane Republican candidate.

- Someone mashed together shit that Donald Trump has said with Game of Thrones. It is startling and terrifying how easily the two align. He knows Joffrey was the villain of the show, right?