Weekly Roundup, March 4th

It's been a bit of a week, but we made it!

- First and foremost, a host of Oscars posts! I didn't get to watch live, but Monday morning (around midnight EST), Renuka and I woke up and immediately gorged on Leo news. Congrats!

- Entertainment Weekly provides a nice roundup of the show.

- Pajiba uses GIFs to report the winners. I agree with them for the most part. My thoughts: Wow, I really need to see Spotlight. I'm happy that The Big Short took home writing awards. Fuck yeah to all the Mad Max awards. I'm 'meh' on the supporting actors - it would have been nice to see Kate or Ruffalo win but whatever. I'm glad The Revenant got cinematography. And woohoo to Brie and Leo! It happened, he's got an Oscar, we can collectively move on.

- The Fug girls have their usual roundup of fashion. My thoughts: Rooney Mara was probably worst dressed from me. She didn't have the worst dress but she's just so boring and expected now. Best was probably Saoirse Ronan. That was just a great dress, great styling. Alicia Vikander would have been my fave if it wasn't for the awkward bottom of the dress.

- And now for Leo: Leo gets sassy as he picks up his engraved Oscar. And we say goodbye to the Leo Oscar Meme.

- Personal reminder to start following Vanity Fair on Instagram. And here's the full portfolio.

- Honest props to ABC, who made it so easy to watch! For the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Grammy's, I could only watch a live stream legally (so I didn't, not worth the hassle dudes), but nothing after the show finished airing. ABC made it so easy! I just went to their website Monday night and was able to watch it from there. And now how to figure out the Tony's... If it's only a livestream, I may have to break my bedtime. Anything for Hamilton.

And now...

- John Oliver does what we have wanted him to do for months: take on Donald Trump. And now we have the best analogy for Trump (back mole) and the best Twitter hashtag (MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain).

Slate describes the terrible, awful plan the GOP has following Trump's massacre on Super Tuesday. Also, the Germans I've discussed politics with are very concerned and confused by what is going in America right now. Sad.

- We have a Gunslinger and a Man in Black! Nerdist covers what we can expect from the adaptation.

- For Hamilton this week, we've got an interview with LMM and Questlove on the upcoming Mixtape and an overview of the original casting notices. And my news: 62 days!