Weekly Roundup, February 12th

We made it through a week of work and Carnival here in Germany. Celebrate!

- Gawker rounds up dudes dressing their ladies to get clicks. People are the worst, basically.

- Sisterhood on Broadway! It's so nice when everyone gets along and likes each other.

- Okay and now for the official Hamilton link of the week: It's impact on social studies' curriculum across the country.

- Time has an interesting article on the benefits of squeezing in a workout every day. I try to run once a day (and last night that meant getting soaked when a downpour started mid-run) but I agree with the author's points. It's a great way to decompress and calm down. Running is also a great way to let your mind wander and approach a problem from a new angle. As for how to fit it in - just do it, to quote Nike. Make it a priority. Call it a mental health necessity.

- Jessica Williams continues to be the best thing about The Daily Show, this time taking on Beyonce Super Bowl detractors.

- Wired answers the question: Should you delete a deceased loved one's Facebook profile? If so, when? I agree with Wired - don't. A college classmate of mine died our senior year. I'm still Facebook friends with him. Occasionally, he will pop up on my newsfeed when someone comments on his wall or posts a picture of him. It's a nice place for everyone to share thoughts and memories of someone, long after that person is gone. It's also a snapshot of his or her life.

- I haven't seen Samantha Bee's new show yet, but I wish her success. She is sorely missed on The Daily Show. The NYT and several other outlets have made the same point - this election is really missing a comedic voice. Aside from coaxing Stewart out of retirement or forcing Noah to relinquish his chair to Williams, Bee is probably our best hope. Aside from the candidates themselves, obviously.