May Fourth

I did something this week:

I'm going to be in the room where it happens! Not throwing away my shot! Can't say not to this! Et cetera.

So that happened.

So that happened.

The original Angelica!

I bought tickets to see THE SHOW. Candidate for the worst big sister ever: I'm going back to the States for my sister's college graduation in the beginning of May. And will be stopping in NYC to see Hamilton. I was totally going to be a responsible adult and wait until I was back in the States for good and see the show in December. The sadness and disappointment over not seeing the original cast was real but at least I would get to see it in the Richard Rodgers theater.

But then in a moment of boredom I went over to Ticketmaster, just to see if anything was available for when I would be back home in May. And there were so many seats for resale! Now, they are resale as opposed to directly from the venue, so they are way marked up. But to see the original cast*? Worth it!

*As much as possible. They're all locked in for a year (so they'll be around until the end of summer) but with vacations and illnesses and anything else that can happen, who knows. Honestly, any combination of the main cast would be incredible.

My other major Broadway experience was Wicked - and that was in Chicago - and I was terrified the entire time I was going to have to go to the bathroom or something. So let's try not eating or drinking anything 24 hours prior to! Also, Elphaba (Elphaba!) was the u/s and it was still incredible.