Weekly Roundup, March 25th

This is going up when I'm on my way to Paris! It's Easter weekend, meaning Friday and Monday is a holiday here. Last year, I went to Amsterdam and it was relatively quiet. Apparently, I can expect crowds in Paris. We'll see...

But first, let's celebrate the end of the week!

From my last trip to Paris... Chipped nail polish and wine in plastic cups.

From my last trip to Paris... Chipped nail polish and wine in plastic cups.

- The Obama's recently visited Cuba, the first president to do so since 1928. Let's take a moment to appreciate the lovely first family, whom we only have a few months left.

- Tuesday's events in Brussels are heartbreaking. I am so glad I visited there last year. So here is a reminder of the city, via Trip Advisor. I could sit at a cafe in Grand Place and stare at the buildings and people watch all day.

- The documentary on Nora Ephron, Everything is Copy, premiered this weekend on HBO. She's someone I don't remember how much I love until I see a list of what she has given us... When Harry Met Sally is honestly one of my favorite movies and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a lovely interview with her son, who put together the documentary.

- And also in HBO news, John Oliver eviscerated Donald Trump's wall proposal, attacking everything from the cost to the effectiveness to how Mexico was really gonna pay for the thing. I don't want to just defer to Oliver all the time, but his show does what no one else in the media seems to be willing to do: take every single one of Trump's points and take it apart, piece by piece.

- On a much lighter note, I will always be a Batman-girl. Marvel/DC - whatever. Batman is my dude. And while Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan created some excellent films, Batman Returns will always be my favorite superhero movie. Michael Keaton is the best Batman. Michelle Pfeiffer is perfect. And no one is better suited for  Batman's story than late 80s/early 90s Tim Burton. And Pajiba gets it.

- The Hamilton gang was the very busy last week, so this week is kind of slow. But Amy Schumer stopped by this weekend to see the show for the second time (jealous) and dropped a 1k tip for the bartenders. Even better? Her tweet the next day. This is the real reason to become famous, guys, Hamilton cast access. Also, Daveed chats with The Observer on his dual roles.