Weekly Roundup, April 1st

Weekly Roundup, April 1st

- A.Ham roundup: Our Hamilton wrote a moving piece about the crisis in Puerto Rico, calling for action from Congress. Don't throw away your shot, etc. He also sat down to chat with Katie Couric. And it looks like we will, sadly, be losing Groff in April. But apparently the new guy leaves little to be desired. 

- The past couple of weeks, with lots of train time, I got caught up in the Game Change books, covering both the 2008 and 2012 elections. They're more gossip/soap opera than political and there are way too many nicknames, but fun reads. The 2012 election was the first one I followed really closely and it was entertaining to go back and retread the big events, this time with the rose-colored lenses of an Obama victory. I'm interested in the inevitable follow-up on the 2016 election. Just hoping it's from a Clinton victory perspective... Here are the Times (aka the Gray Lady) take on the 2008 and 2012 books.

- Jessica Knoll writes about her real-life rape experience behind Luckiest Girl Alive. The victim shaming and guilt she experienced are heart-breaking and also blood-boiling. I read this at my desk and teared up in front of a bunch of German engineers. Also, I enjoyed the book itself (much more than Girl on the Train, which was published around the same time and got a lot more attention).

- On a happier note, this redditor makes movie posters out of posts. I want to see the majority of these.

- Wired describes why each and every Batman is, in fact, the best. To each his own, but Keaton all the way. I saw a Tumblr post stating that Bale was best at Wayne, Keaton was best at Batman, but Batfleck is best at both. Pfft.

The New York Times interviewed Trump on his foreign policy. It's Sarah Palin bad. Rambling, incoherent. He knows America isn't a corporation, right?

- Aaron Sorkin describes working with David Fincher. My two favorite assholes. And The Social Network was robbed at the Oscars, etc.