The Dream Team

And we're off, with a very heavy-handed Kardashian/fame subplot. We get it, calm down. The Kardashian stuff is honestly a bit much - was Robert really so anti-fame? Reports say no. And then we have the list from Nicole. My thoughts - the asshole seriously got away with all that? 

Marcia Clark claims that the court room is better than sex. Sure Marcia. Let's see how she feels in a few months. In general, the confidence of the DA is astounding. Man, I wish I didn't know how this ends... 

Nathan Lane shows up, which is never not a good thing. Also, he defended The Fugitive. From the Fugitive. The megacases these guys have been on... And the prevelance of the O.J. trial is deftly demonstrated, as Shapiro literally flips the channel and sees his case on every one. Then we have Harry from Sex and the City, the most famous (debated) lawyer in the country. 

'Good will is a depreciating asset.' And Kardashian still thinks he's 'The Juice' - we'll see how long that lasts. The DNA bit seems a little too hammy. Were we really this far behind the times? Their plan is to keep the DNA out of the court. This would never happen today - CSI has made us believe everything needs DNA evidence backing it up. 

The Fuhrman drama really starts to get serious. Apparently, he claimed that being a cop made him racist. What a mess this guy is going to be.

The Dream Team decides this is going to be about race as Shapiro leaks the story to the press. And speaking of press, Marcia refuses to allow anyone who speaks to the press (cash for trash) to be a witness. That is seriously going to limit her pool. What would her thoughts be on social media? And Marcia herself refuses to be played by the media, to do the real work instead of respond to the press. Is this such a good idea? That image is extremely important. She also doesn't have the 'create a narrative' approach the defense does. She thinks they just need to lay out the facts and that's it. Silly woman.

Also press-related: The Time cover! The show attempts to explain why the idiots did this, but seriously. How many people did that go through? But great job putting it next to a cover that isn't photo-shopped to hell to really illustrate how much Time screwed up.

O.J. has his moment - I'm not black, I'm O.J. As Jessica points out, there are so many was to take this line. That he thinks his fame transcends race. That he doesn't identify with the black community any more.

Back to Kato, who has a beeper! In continuing with the fame bit at the beginning, Kato  experiences whiplash over his new fame, as two strangers spit on him and call him a murderer moments after a car of women flash him. He's even getting acting jobs now!

Chris gets brought on to the team. Oh good, we have some diversity there.

We see Kris Jenner again. Selma Blair looks so much like her, it's impressive, especially since this is someone who's face we have become very familiar with. She questions O.J.'s innocence but also provides a nice reminder of Nicole - this might be about the most famous case in the century, but it starts off with the murder of two very real people. Also in this episode is a 911 call, which is appropriately terrifying and sad. Everyone is watching their television and Marcia is pissed all their evidence is on the news. Good thing she's not practicing today.

It's beginning to turn into O.J. versus the NYPD. And no one seems interested in finding another killer.

And then Cochran finally gets on board. In reality, he might have been in since the beginning but the change is effective. Shapiro isn't convinced of O.J.'s innocence, isn't as concerned about that piece of it. He just wants to win. 

And what a great ending as Marcia realizes Cochran is on the case, completing the Dream Team. The show continues to use the word 'fuck' in perfect capacity.

Over at GoFugYourself, Jessica recounts the LA-ness of the third episode of the series. It's nice to get the perspective of someone living there and a little older than me, to recap what it was like to live through it.

This time, Vulture serves up fact-checking: the cockiness of the DA, the mess of the Time cover and the overall shittiness of Fuhrman is pretty accurate. Not so much - the 'newness' of DNA evidence, the depiction of the author, and Fuhrman's role in collecting evidence, though the latter may also be manipulated in the actual trial.