Weekly Roundup, March 11th

We made it through another week!

- The ladies of Hamilton sit down with Amy Poehler's Smart Girls and Vanity Fair shares a video from Genius pairing some of the show's most classic hip hop references. Finally, Vulture examines the current New York theater golden age, starring our favorites.

- Does encouraging suicide made you guilty of manslaughter?

- Slate summarizes how Trump will send America back to barbarianism. Sad! Honestly, this is really depressing and terrifying.

- On a much lighter note, The Birdcage turns 20 this week! I unabashedly love this movie. When Robin Williams died, I fell asleep to it every night for a few weeks. The cast is great, it's totally rewatchable. And it's on Netflix!

- Speaking of Netflix, my VPN no longer works with the service. I understand the reasoning behind the move, but it sucks. I'm an American subscriber and would like to see the American content. That being said, they actually have more movies, but fewer TV shows, in the German version. Just last week Renuka and I got to watch The Departed! So between Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime I might be able to see everything... And all the Netflix original stuff is available regardless, so I can finally get around to watching the new House of Cards season!

- For Women's History Month, here are some great biographies on women. Updating my to read list now!

- This is very random but I saw an interesting post on Tumblr about Obama's special car, called The Beast. Then I fell in a Wiki hole... Here is the article on presidential rides.

- Finally, reason #234445 I'm glad not to be living in Indiana anymore. A really, really shit new abortion bill! Jezebel summarizes some of the reasons it's terrible but the first story in the comments section is a heartbreaking example of why women need consistent, safe access to an abortion procedure.