Weekly Roundup, April 15th

We made it through a whole week. Woohoo!

- For Hamilton this week, the behind-the-scenes book came out. Getting it to Germany would take longer than my trip to NYC, so I'm just going to get it when I'm there. But everyone at Tumblr is posting the pages online - thanks Tumblr! Also this week in Hamilton news: the first of the matinees for public students was on Wednesday. This is honestly incredible and will be a great chance for any student. Just please don't do this the Wednesday I'm there...

Vulture has all the easter eggs in the new Harry Potter trailer. I don't know how I feel about Fantastic Beasts. I'm not as excited as I ever was for the original films and books. Honestly, maybe they just should have left it at that? We'll see.

- It's only April - we have seven months to go of election nonsense. Here is a nice quiz to see what candidates you match with. I matched 100% to Sanders, 97% with Clinton. Sad that I matched 19% and 31% with Trump and Cruz, respectively. Also, Slate summarizes a recent article from WSJ that describes Trump's total lack of charitable giving, despite his campaign's insistence to the contrary and, in the upcoming primary, his own kids won't be voting for him.

- There's a new Game of Thrones trailer up. I'm so excited for this season, the first that's going to be almost entirely non-book stuff. Except the boring Greyjoy business.

Wired covers a woman without episodic memory. Mostly, I'm impressed she didn't even realize her memory was different until she was into her fifties and also jealous at her ability to forget traumatic, embarrassing events.

- This week was Equal Pay Day and Pajiba has some very frustrating examples of actresses getting paid less than their male co-starts, including Meryl Streep (!) and instances of the leading actresses getting paid the same as the supporting male counterparts.