Weekly Roundup, April 22nd

We made it through another week! And one more week until my NYC trip!

Lunch in Geneva - beer and croque-monsieur

Lunch in Geneva - beer and croque-monsieur

- I made a note to include a Kimmy Schmidt link here, but I can't find any interesting ones. To sum up: I watched the second season this weekend. It's been my go-to 'fall asleep to' show this week. But that's all I've got.

- The Treasury Secretary announced on Wednesday that there will be updates to the $5, $10, and $20, keeping Hamilton on the front of the $10, replacing Jackson with Tubman on the $20, and featuring suffragette and civil rights leaders on the backs of the $5 and $10.

- And now for other Hamilton news. The new King George, and the my King George as he's the one I'm going to see in two (!!) weeks, sat down with EW to talk about his new role. In other good news, the producers and original cast reached an agreement on profit sharing, which is great to hear since some of these people have been around since the show was in workshops and off-Broadway, contributed to the cast album. Finally, Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda picked up a Pulitzer this week, the ninth musical to make that claim. Great job!

- HBo debuted Confirmation this week, their take on the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings and Anita Hill. It wasn't OJ-Simpson-vs-the-People good, but it wasn't bad either. Mostly, though, I just wanted to take a second to marvel at HBO's impressive political films, including RecountToo Big to Fail, and Game Change. Keep it up, HBO. At least we get good drama out of our imperfect system.

- The 2016 election continues to embarrass (7-11, anyone?) and move at a snail's pace. Vulture tries to find the humor in it - here's how some fictional NYC residents would have voted on Tuesday's NY primary.

- Also from Vulture: a guide to the complex relationships on Game of Thrones, just in time for the new season! It's organized by season, because the relationships and alliances tend to change. A lot.

- The trailer for Girl on the Train debuted this week. While Emily Blunt looks great, the whole thing seems to give too much away and just makes me want to watch Gone Girl again. Which I did Wednesday night. In other news, The Cut takes a look at the real life Amy.