Conspiracy Theories

And here we have it: aside from the white Bronco on a deserted highway, the most iconic image of this whole thing is Simpson trying on THE GLOVES.

Dun Dun Dun.

Marcia has another new 'do. This one is definitely the best of the three.

While the Columbian necktie moment is definitely real, who knows if it was really faxed in by Harry from Sex and the City. But, still, great moment! The importance of a fax machine. The use of Harvard letterhead. And Marcia gets to be human, making jokes with the detectives in her office afterwards. It's nice that Marcia gets a few jokes - girl does not have many happy moments.

Kardashian is the only one on the Dream Team asking the elephant-in-the-room question: who did it if O.J. didn't? Why, in a case this big and with this much scrutiny, is there no other option? Where is the hunt for the real killer? Ross is great here as he starts to question his friend's innocence. It's a natural evolution and it's nice to see someone on O.J.'s team asking the question. Johnnie insists that the truth will come out. But it's over twenty years later and it hasn't, aside from that shitty 'If I Did It' book from Simpson.

And then Johnnie's personal life comes careening in. Ross is shocked. The poor guy - who can he trust? We also learn that Johnnie's wife knew about his past (that's good, at least) but she's pissed because now everyone else knows. Johnnie wanted the fame that came with the O.J. trial and now he's got it. And everything that comes with it. Also, more great use of the 'f' word at FX.

It gets worse for Kardashian, as Shapiro makes him think he might be in trouble because of the garment bag. AC is relieved with the result; he can go back to pretending he thinks O.J. is innocent. But Ross just continues to question - why hasn't someone else come forward?

Meanwhile, the detectives uncover receipts, showing that O.J. owned the very rare gloves in question. So frustrating - why couldn't they have left it there? Why did he have to try them on? Ugh, ugh, ugh. I know this is Monday Quarterbacking (using terms O.J. would understand) but really, those gloves are bad news!

And there continues to be drama in the Dream Team, as O.J. has to explain to Shapiro to stop the bullshit (police solidarity pens!) and fall in line.

Marcia and Chris have a weekend away in Oakland. To second Jessica, just make out already! The scene with his friends is excellent. It's honestly nice to see these people we have come to care about just having fun and relaxing. It also provides an opportunity to hear the opinions that are floating around outside the court room and to give Marcia a chance to totally destroy them. Why doesn't she do this in court? With shot glasses, please; it's more effective. But then it ends on a sour note, as both Marcia and Chris get disappointment from his lack of game. And my 'what if' comes back: would this case have turned out better if he just would have slept with her? Probably, Chris, probably.

And then back at work, he talks about going for it. She assumes he means their relationship. He's actually talking about the goddamn glove. Oh, Darden.

In court, Darden understands what Cochran's doing. You can't just put your evidence out there. You need a story. Big moments. Unfortunately, his idea of a big moment is trying on that fucking glove.

Oh the gloves. Marcia finally convinces Darden not to have O.J. try on the gloves, only to be undermined when Lane plays a mind game on him about the size of his balls. And there it is, the most famous image from the trial.

Afterwards, Darden calls the Goldmans - we screwed up, sorry about that, we'll still get him. Well, the sentiment is nice at least.

At GFY, Jessica talks about what we are all thinking: just make out already!

At Vulture's Fact Check, the things you think were dramatized, where dramatized. Namely, that Shapiro was really able to try on the gloves and that no one had looked into that garment bag already.