Weekly Roundup, April 8th

We made it through another week! Celebrate: 

- Playbill takes us backstage for the dressers of Hamilton. In general, I'm excited for the next season of Inside Amy Schumer. Even more so now that I know that it includes the terrible, horrible Hamilton follow-up, Betsy Ross. LMM's famous vocal cords are gross, but his ENT is cute. And NYT talks to the CEO of Hamilton about his new challenge: managing a runaway success. Finally: the album went gold! That's crazy for a cast album, right?

- Buzzfeed interviews the writers behind the brilliant People vs OJ Simpson.

- American Idol is ending its run this week.  I, like many people, judging by the ratings, haven't seen the show in years, though I was thoroughly obsessed during that first season. NYT recaps the show's biggest moments.

- Hamilton led me to Lafayette and the Somewhat United States and I'm so glad I did. I've enjoyed Vowell's appearances on The Daily Show but this is the first time I've picked up one of her books. I've already added her others to my Amazon wish list. The book is insightful, funny, and informative.

- All you need is the title: "The Unbearable Sadness of Ben Affleck."

- Over at Pajiba, Dustin is not enjoying this election cycle. Is anyone? He suggests that aren't really a 'united' country' any more. That the right is getting redder and the left bluer. I can certainly see this. From my experience, it's not a generational thing so much as it's a cultural thing. And while the map isn't perfect, it's pretty accurate. After my time in Europe, I might need to spring to Yankeedom.