Winter is Coming

It's that time of year: a new season of Game of Thrones is upon us. Which is great, because Girls just ended and I need something to look forward to after Mondays at work. I do plan on writing up the show, just because there will be lots of thoughts and feelings that need to go somewhere. But first: my thoughts on the upcoming season.

Full disclosure, I've read the books and highly buy in to the R + L = J fan theory. Honestly, given the evidence, it's practically canon. There was a really great article I read awhile ago that had much more evidence but I can't find it.

Moving on! As a book reader, it's exciting that the only thing I know about, moving forward, is basically the Greyjoy and Bran stuff, neither of which is that great. But totally new? Arya, Tyrion, Dany, everything in King's Landing. And Jon Snow! I honestly can't wait to see what happens to him. Who brings him back to life, how. Also, I think we'll get a confirmation of his parentage this season.

It was recently announced that there may only thirteen episodes left of the series after this season, which means 23 more total. There's been 50 so far. I guess this could work? Sure? It seems like they have so much to cover in those 13/23 episodes but look at what they've already done with just 50! Also, less is usually more. With the advent of streaming and HBO, seasons have become whatever the show runners want them to, from just 7 episodes of some shows to, more commonly, 10 or 13. The television network-mandated 23/24 episodes a season has largely gone away and most shows are better for it. I still love shows like Friends and The West Wing but there's so much filler when you have to get to that many episodes. Even with 10 episodes, Game of Thrones meanders sometimes (ugh to Dorne in its entirety), so trimming it up a little will probably be a good thing.

Of course, HBO has mentioned in the past that it would consider prequels or other similar deviations within Westeros, so who the hell knows, really.

Mostly though, we can finally stop pretending that Jon Snow is dead and stop bugging George R. R. Martin to finish a series he has clearly lost interest in.