Weekly Roundup, May 20th

We made it through a whole week (and my first week back in Germany!). Celebrate:

- For Hamilton news, here's Lin-Manuel Miranda's commencement speech from UPenn on Monday. Basically: your story is important, miracles happened to get you here, and dump your college girl/boy friend. Also, the Schuyler sisters performed the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden. Work! EW has an overview of the cast's recent sit down with SiriusXM. And one more: the Tony nominees remember their fondest moments from the show.

Slate lists their favorite Toast articles as the site will be closing this summer. The Wishbone piece is hilarious and the Disney one made me cry. Enjoy!

- Here are the first pics of Idris Elba as the Gunslinger. Usually, it's hard to really get an understanding of how the character will appear on screen (lighting and effects are important, guys!) but his clothes do look impressively weathered.

- The NYT did an impressive job putting together examples of Donald Trump's behavior towards women. For everyone encouraging moment (supporting a lawyer following the birth of her children) there are half a dozen depressing ones (giving Miss Universe eating disorders, referring to women as 'Hon', suggesting men are better than women). Enjoy!

- Jenny Slate has a new movie with the guys behind Obvious Child. Really just using this as an opportunity to reiterate the greatness of Obvious Child (aka the abortion comedy).

- One more Trump link (I think I'm still affected by my time in the States). At a commencement speech last week, President Obama stated that ignorance is not a virtue. Trump tweeted that this is one of the primary reasons Obama is a terrible president. I don't get it. People know the definition of ignorance, right? How is this a good thing? Totally flummoxed.

- Let's end on a positive note. Mashable takes click bait to the next level: 10 Activities You Must Avoid at All Costs!