Weekly Roundup, May 27th

We made it through another week! Link time.

- The season finale of Grey's Anatomy aired last week. Due to Hulu problems, I haven't seen it but I've read what happens at least (bye Callie!). Vulture lists all the crappy stuff that's happened to Meredith over the years. Spoiler: It's a lot.

- It's not just the US: The New York Times reports on the far-right movement in Europe.

Game of Thrones' latest season is absolutely an improvement upon the last (five episodes in, anyway), which seemed to meander (Dorne was especially frustrating) through George R.R. Martin's books without a clear sense or urgency or direction. Rolling Stone takes a look at the improvements we've seen so far, driven by freedom from the books and also time. They've only got two seasons after this one and a lot of ground to cover. And one more for Game of Thrones: Reddit asked user's to share how the Hodor reveal went down in other languages. Spoiler: it didn't work in most languages. This is what happens when you start working in the middle of a series!

- I've been on a Daniel Day-Lewis kick lately and Pajiba obliges: here are the best British villians.

- Here is the Fast Company cover story with Hamilton's creator. The ugly word 'brand' gets tossed around and someone is an awesome uncle.

Wired has the best movies leaving Netflix this month. I either haven't seen (Paris is Burning, Elaine Stritch) or love every movie on this list (Kinky Boots, The Faculty, Groundhog Day). In particular: Marvin's Room has an excellent 'bowl of paper clips' analogy that I use all the damn time. Thanks, Meryl!

- One more from Wired: an enterprising blogger gif'ed America's commutes. Pretty, mesmerizing gifs of frustrated, angry Americans!