Weekly Roundup, June 3rd

We made it all the way to June. A roundup.

- Avidly answers the important questions, like which literary characters would hold your hair back for you. The answers feel accurate and includes insightful commentary on one of my favorite writers, Edith Wharton.

- Slate takes a look at Gchat, the brand that never was. I don't care how hard Google tries, it will always be Gchat for me. Without it, I would rarely talk to some friends. Thanks, Google! Whatever you want to call it.

- Citylab takes a look at what people find relaxing - quiet nature versus noisy cities.

Veep is incredible this season. Don't miss Jonah Ryan's campaign website or his deplorable ads.

- Phillipa turned 26 this week. Yes, she is only 26. Here is an interview with her from Deadline! Also, it's been a good week for creator Lin-Manuel Miranda: his In the Heights movie is back on track and he's officially starring in the new Mary Poppins movie, alongside everyone's favorite, Emily Blunt. This is excellent news, between this and Moana he's headed for EGOT multiple times over. And finally, the cast got The Rolling Stone cover! Insert witty Almost Famous reference here. Crossing my fingers that I can find this in Germany, but at least the interview is online. There might not be a filmed version anytime soon, but at least we've got that mixtape to look forward to.

- A HuffPo journalist asks the hard questions: who, exactly, was Ugly Naked Guy?