Weekly Roundup, May 13th

Welcome back! The blog is going to be a bit sluggish the next two weeks (after already being sluggish). Apologizes, but vacation and real life! I am working on several posts on the great trip I just completed (NYC! Hamilton! Family time!) but until I get a minute to work on those things, let's just do a weekly roundup.

- I'm a little late, but Happy Mother's Day! Pajiba has the Moms who are just doing their best, and that's really all we can ask.

- In Hamilton news (again, a little late), shocking no one, the musical picked up a record-breaking sixteen Tony nominations last week. I honestly may have to rearrange my sleeps schedule around this one. Wired takes a look at the show's online presence. And I was there for the show they mention (May the Fourth be with you).

- Buzzfeed takes a look at the new form of female friendships found in Girls and Broad City. And by 'new', they mean 'honest.' 

- Imposter Syndrome continues to be a real thing. Inspiration can come from anywhere.