Weekly Roundup, June 17th

We made it through the week! Link time.

- Following the tragedy in Orlando last weekend, gun control is a hot topic again. Hey, maybe it will result in some legal action! What is the definition of insanity, again? Until then, Slate reminds us how terrible the NRA is - they can't even manage Twitter properly. More importantly, HuffPo offers methods to help the victims and their families.

- On a much lighter note, Pajiba takes a look at the Fight Club Ferris Beuller theory for the film's anniversary. It might be my headcanon, honestly. 

- Wedding season is upon us, so Buzzfeed offers tips on etiquette. Helpful!

- The hot new trend of treating others like crap: benching. It's the new ghosting.

- Reddit had a thread recently on best scenes of a film. One user pointed to this scene from The Wire. It's basically just Bunk and McNulty saying 'fuck' in different tones but it's a great, complex scene.

- NYC is rolling out new micro apartments. They're still crazy expensive but it reminds me of those excellent Ikea displays, showing how you can have an entire living space in increasing small sizes. I was liking the apartment until I saw the closet space. Nope, nope.

- And now, an expanded Hamilton/Tony's section. Everyone's favorite hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton kicked ass, as expected, taking home 11 of the 16 awards. The show itself I thoroughly enjoyed. Just much more fun and energetic and also efficient than the Oscars. Everyone just seemed thrilled to be there and supportive of their peers. Anyway, on to links. In case you missed it, fun times were had during commercial breaks - Gyllenhaal sang from The Little Mermaid! Additionally, there were several excellent performances throughout the show. I was honestly really surprised they went with "Yorktown" but loved that everyone got to sing "The Schuyler Sisters" in their fancy dresses and tuxes. This should be a new tradition! Here are great Tony performances from years past. And finally, it really was the Hamiltonys. Here are the best moments for the musical.