Weekly Roundup, July 1st

We made it to July! Link time.

I was in Spain all last week. Here is a sangria, which I miss already, on the beach in Barcelona.

I was in Spain all last week. Here is a sangria, which I miss already, on the beach in Barcelona.

- I abandoned my pathetic attempt at writing about Game of Thrones this season - too many other things got in the way. I will say - this season was incredible. It's exciting as a book reader to really get into new territory with the show. My biggest complaint of the series as a whole is all the different balls that are in the air, especially those that are largely disconnected with what's going on with Westeros. Arya's Faceless Man thing basically went nowhere. But! This week's finale put everyone on the road back to Westeros and stories continue to converge, making me hopeful for a tighter and neater final two seasons. Vanity Fair's Joanna Robsinson looks at what we can expect next season. I'm not here for more Sansa/Littlefinger business but that withering look between the Lannister twins is killer. And I'm going to end this with a fangirl squee: R+L=J might not be a spoiler anymore and was basically already canon, but it was thrilling to really see it come to light. Though I do feel bad for the guy - he comes back from the dead only to learn he's the end of two great houses. And finally, Vulture gives us the questions next season must answer and also ranks all the episodes so far. I have to say, their lists are both about right.

The New York Times published a fictional version of the upcoming Republican convention, told from the perspective of Mrs. Trump.

- The incredible Angels in America celebrates its 25th year anniversary. The HBO series is a must-see if you haven't already.

- Jessica Williams is leaving The Daily Show. I try to catch every episode but it's still struggling to find its post-Stewart groove. Williams has been an excellent correspondent and she is definitely leaving a big void on the current bench. But I can't wait for what she does next and some of the new correspondents (Roy Wood Jr. and Michelle Wolf, specifically).

- For Hamilton, Playbill interviews director Tommy Kail on their Vassar workshop. Basically, the most creative sleepover ever. Also, this week's Ham4Ham was excellent - saying goodbye to Kaitlin and Jon while Triumph the Insult Dog tells Lin-Manuel what we're all thinking.