Weekly Roundup, June 10th

It's Friday!

You know it's summer when Hugo's start popping up all over the place.

You know it's summer when Hugo's start popping up all over the place.

- I'm a huge fan of BBC's Planet Earth series and my favorite episode is the look at the deep sea. There are some crazy creatures that have evolved to live in extreme places. Time takes a look at ten of them. Watch out - that jellyfish gif is mesmerizing. The series' best moment though? Snow leopard chasing a mountain goat, definitely.

- For Ham news, the Tony's are this weekend! I will be attempting to watch it live but we'll see. In preparation the WSJ  takes an in depth look at the lyrics while the NYT looks at all the Hamiltons (sorry) the show is raking in. Additionally, for eleven minutes of pure joy, James Corden has a special Broadway carpool karaoke. Also, Hamilton's own Eliza joins the upcoming Disney film, Moana. Side note: this thing is supposed to come out in November. So I guess voice work is a pretty quick turn around? Finally, Daveed Diggs sits down with Esquire

- John Oliver kind of, sort of, gave away $15 million on this week's show and change 9,000 lives.

- I'm honestly a bit ambivalent on Cleganebowl. If anything, Vulture's take tips me in the direction of 'that's a really bad move for poor Sandor.'

- With Hillary clinching the Democratic nomination this week, Meryl Streep offers a third option: Meryl Streep portraying Donald Trump portraying an RNC nominee.

- Let's take a moment for pop culture revisits. I reread The Goldfinch this week. An excellent, incredible book. Definitely a must-read. And then there's Ides of March, which I rewatched this week - it's on Amazon Prime. It's not a perfect movie but George Clooney is everyone's disappointingly perfect politician and just what we need during this crazy election cycle and primary time.

- Speaking of which, Hillary Clinton became the presumptive nominee for the Democratic nomination this week after primaries in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, New Jersey, and California. Whatever the thoughts are with Donald or Bernie, this is a momentous occasion. For the first time ever in the history of our country, a woman is the nominee for a major political party. Several African Americans have come forward, saying seeing a black president when they were growing up would have changed their world views. We've got Obama. What will President Clinton do for all the little girls out there? Is there a glass ceiling left? Here's a young Clinton at Wellesley, cool and forward-thinking even in 1969.

- The now-famous letter from the Stanford rape victim has gotten over 4 million views on Buzzfeed but still should be absolutely read by everyone. And here's Slate's total take down of the misogynistic, defensive response from the assaulter's father. Basically, fuck both of those guys and the rape culture they represent. To end on a positive note, Pajiba looks at the heroes of the story, the two Swedish men who saw the assault and did something about it.