Weekly Roundup, July 15th

Friday! And link time.

Dessert in Salzburg

Dessert in Salzburg

- I finished season four of Orange is the New Black and it might be its best season yet. I mostly agree with the review at Vulture. It starts off a bit not-quite-right but quickly finds its groove. The tension that builds, between the different prisoner factions but also, more importantly, between the guards and the inmates, is among the best I've ever seen on a television show. There's also obvious connections to real-life news that makes the show feel timely and more important than just twelve hours on Netflix. The season also reminded me how incredible the actors are on this show. For example, the actress who plays Blanca Flores, Laura Gomez, has been on the show for several seasons now, mostly in the background. But suddenly she's the star of an episode and a featured player. Just the depth of the show's backfield is startling.

- Speaking of Netflix, Mashable has confessions of die-hard Netflix bingers.

- I still need to watch Finding Dory, and probably will soon just to have a few hours in air conditioning, but Vulture ranks the Pixar movies. Yep, sounds about right. My only changes: put Up a little higher and switch the first and second place movies.

- EW looks at the best TV characters of the last 25 years. I definitely don't think number one is as iconic as EW seems to think it is and Don Draper and Walter White should be higher, but maybe that's because their runs just ended. Otherwise, sure.

- Here are the 19 Worst and Weirdest Celebrity websites. My favorites were Billy Bob Thorton's, Tom Cruise's lack of Scientology,  Real talk: if I were a celebrity, I think I would just have a Facebook page that linked to my the sites for whatever I'm famous for (movie, book, etc.) and my social media feeds, repost if I was in a magazine, etc. 

- Vox recently interviewed Hillary Clinton. The writer examines the gap - the difference in Clinton's polling and those who  know her well. Basically, female leadership (listening, building relationships) versus male leadership (talking, not so much relationship building). This isn't sexist, but comes back to what another female colleague told me: don't try to be a man, something you're not, but embrace the womanly advantages. Also - men have been campaigning for president for hundreds of years and it is how our process is organized. One great point I really appreciated - a good president can communicate, create policy, and implement things. The election is just about communication. You need other people who have worked with the candidate to really demonstrate the other two, or a proven record.

- Also, Obama spoke at the memorial for the Dallas police officers this week. His speech was eloquent, moving, and hopeful. An incredible speech and hopefully the last one like this he has to make with the short time he has left in office.

- To help us move from politics to Hamilton, Clinton picked up two supporters this Tuesday - Bernie Sanders and A. Ham. himself. It was basically a repeat of "Election of 1800."

- This week is heavy in Hamilton links. Last Saturday, July 8th, our original Burr, Eliza, and Hamilton said good-bye. Odom has said he'll probably be singing 'Wait for It' for the rest of his life and Miranda has said he's written a role he can never age out of it, so we might see them in this role again, but never like this. I'm so grateful I saw the OBC back in May - it was expensive but so worth it, to be in the room where it happens and see the original creator play the titular character. But now, it's time to say good-bye. The Schuyler sisters did one more song. The cast said goodbye via montage. There's a great FB live video of the final curtain call - to The West Wing theme, obviously, but it's on FB and I can't figure out how to link directly, so here's the FB page in general. Post-OBC, we have the new Hamilton (aka Javilton) and our very own LMM has a new song with J. Lo to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting. Finally, the cast does have fun - shots out the grammy!