Weekly Roundup, July 8th

We made it to Friday! At least those in the States had a short week. Link time!

DIY Mimosas in Amsterdam

DIY Mimosas in Amsterdam

- The Toast closed its virtual doors last week. Here's their story on 'If Obama was your dad.' Just as lovely? Hillary Clinton(!)'s good-bye letter to the site.

Game of Thrones' finale last week was incredible. Since then, I've watched it more times than I'm willing to admit and can't wait for next season. That being said, The Nerdist has 12 things you missed. Most of their things have been covered by other articles, but it's still a nice roundup to keep us busy until season seven. Pajiba has sad news: the next season will probably be delayed due to winter. Oh, the irony. But hey, there's only two shortened seasons left. Savor it!

- For some fun, Slate finds some snark in academic acknowledgements.

- Slate again. Colbert shares the story of how he met his wife and it's totally adorable and charming.

- Over in Hamilton news, this Saturday is the OBC's final show as Miranda, Odom, and Soo give their last performances. Vulture covers their last Ham4Ham (Rory will take over next week) and also what's coming up for the musical and its stars. Here's the NYT on the many faces of Hamilton the man, all of which are much more available than tickets to the eponymous show.