Weekly Roundup, August 5th

How is it August already? Links time.

- As we head towards the November elections, political affiliations come out of the woodwork and suddenly you're blocking everyone on Facebook and Twitter. One thing we can all agree on, red or blue? Fashion! The Fug Girls lend the conventions some much-needed levity and tackle the tough questions, like who wore it best and surely there was something better than nude shoes. Also, I have a new respect for Madeleine Albright's brooch collection.

- To promote the release of the latest season on DVD, HBO is introducing the GOTParty. Team Snow/Mormont, obviously.

- On a much lighter note, Buzzfeed takes a look at why Joey is really the worst. This isn't that great - just a list of Joey plot-points and images - but I just really miss Friends. So, until Netflix gets the international rights to the show, enjoy!

- The script for the new Harry Potter play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, was released last week. For those interested, the Wikipedia article is already quite detailed. The reviews have been somewhat positive. That being said, the Wiki article makes me think of HP fan fiction I read in high school. Between Pottermore and the play and the tidbits Rowling releases on her site, the HP fan in me just wants her to leave the thing alone. The books are great, time to move along! My biggest issue with the play, though? The completely inconsistent Time Turner behavior. There are many time travel options out there in science fiction and fantasy, but it should be consistent within its own story. What happens in the play totally repudiates the use of the Time Turner in Prisoner of Azkaban. Vulture summarizes the inconsistencies and offers a half-hearted suggestion, for those who just want to accept the inaccuracies.

Slate rounds up the reviews for Suicide Squad. Spoiler: it's bad. When it comes to Marvel vs DC, I have always been DC, ever since I saw Michael Keaton's Batman as a kid. That being said, I think it's time to admit Marvel has DC beat on the multiple-characters-converging films and just stick to what we're good at. I haven't been to a theater since Deadpool and was really hoping this would be a reason to break the streak. Maybe I'll go see Zootopia instead.

- The entire Seinfield series is on Hulu. That and Bill Maher have become my 'fall asleep to' or 'background noise' shows. Just in time - someone has written a 9/11 episode of the show. Spot-on.

- In Hamilton news, Cosmo interviews the original Angelica, who will leave the show in October. Also, the Chicago team announced their complete cast, as rehearsals kicked off this week. I turn thirty in December and was really hoping I could celebrate with a viewing of the show in Chicago - nope, tickets are already upwards of 600 bucks. Ah well, I'll always have memories of May.