Weekly Roundup, August 19th

That time of the week.

Black Forest Cherry Cake in THE Black Forest! Also, cheesecake and wine.

Black Forest Cherry Cake in THE Black Forest! Also, cheesecake and wine.

- This week, for a few hours, several blocks in Downtown Manhattan were car-free zones. This is honestly a great idea. The majority of the European cities I've visited have pedestrian zones and they're excellent. In Vienna, the pedestrian area was a few blocks and filled with street performers, restaurants and shopping.

- The Fly turned thirty this week. I recently made my younger sister watch this and it is as spectacular as I remember when I first saw it. Pajiba takes a look at unkown facts about the making of the film. 

Mr. Robot finally revealed the truth about Elliot's location. And I mostly agree with Vulture: episode seven is too late. The reveal coming at the end of the first or second episode would have been much more interesting. Instead, it turned the first half of the season into a rehash of the gimmick of season one.

- I haven't followed the Olympics much this year but, like in 2012, I'm blown away by the American women's gymnastics team. Marring each new victory from them this year is the sad and unfair backlash directed at Gabby Douglas, as Vox explores.

- In Hamilton news, the NYT takes a look at how much scalping has benefited from the musical's moment just as the show's creator is working with New York senators to improve on-line ticketing systems. Also, it was announced this week that Lin-Manuel Miranda will be working with Alan Menken, aka that person responsible for the best musical pieces of our childhoods, on a live version of The Little Mermaid. While I'm excited for Miranda to have the chance to work with someone so influential on his career, do we really need a live action version of this? Finally, The Good Wife has become my go-to show when I just need something on while I'm doing things around my apartment. And, what do you know, our very own Angelica keeps popping up! Curious, I looked a little further: here are other 'before-Hamiltonmoments from the OBC.