Weekly Roundup, August 26th

The best time of the week.

Paris last weekend: the essentials, wine and macaroons

Paris last weekend: the essentials, wine and macaroons

- A couple of weeks ago, the 'sarcasm' tweet from Cheeto Hitler (credit: The Daily Show) gave me permission to ignore whatever crap comes out of his mouth. While that's still true, here is a friendly reminder that it's not just the top of the ticket, Mike Pence sucks too!

- I rolled my eyes when this popped up on my newsfeed from Vulture, titled "Beyonce's BTS Lemonade Photos Belong in a Museum." But then I looked through them - the article got it right.

- AIGA's voting campaign is ongoing. Slate takes a look at some of the designs. My favorites are the sheep (not voting is still voting) and the book.

- In Hamilton news, the phenomenal Renee Elise Goldsberry will be leaving the show on September 3rd. Seriously, she was incredible - seeing her performance, especially "Satisfied" was worth the trip to New York alone - and I'm happy to see her moving on to more great things. Playbill introduces our new Angelica. And if you're still trying to score some tickets to the show in NYC, all you need to do is win a handful of gold medals.