Weekly Roundup, September 2nd, 2016

There won't be a roundup next week - I will be in Ireland with family! - so here is an extra-long roundup.

- Last week was Woman's Equality Day and Pajiba was all about equality, listing the worst things men have said about women (mostly the guys you'd imagine) and the best things women have said about women.

- The first images from Beauty and the Beast are here! And all I can come up with is a 'meh'. This is my favorite Disney animated movie and I'm not sure that we needed a live-action remake. Additionally, someone at ONTD called this version 'Lumiere and Cogsworth from Upside Down' and that seems very, very accurate. That being said, the live-action Cinderella from last year was adorable and insistently rewatchable, so I will try to remain open-minded.  At least the sets are pretty?

Wired has social media rules from a group of teenagers. I only do, like, half of these. But since I'm within spitting distance of my thirtieth birthday, I'm going to count that as a win.

- Gene Wilder passed away this week. He was an incredible talent whose works will live on, loved for generations to come. Pajiba rounds up the social media responses to his passing. While many great tributes have been written about him this week, I want to appreciate the Internet, momentarily, agreeing on something.

- The VMAs were this week and they continue to be a chance for me to feel old. More importantly, though, it's a chance for fringe celebrities to wear batshit outfits. The Fug Girls investigate. The Final Five probably had my favorite looks and I continue to be disappointed in Beyonce's wardrobe.

Night Of wrapped up this week. Honestly, I'm glad to say goodbye as it was a bit of a chore to watch. The show should have been great - incredible acting and cinematography, ambitious. And yet, for me, the plot always felt forced. I was never excited about watching the new episode. Watching the finale this week, I really just cared about Stone and his cat. One thing we can agree on - Naz was really, really dumb. Vulture has a list and everything!

- If you need something to tear up at your desk about, NYT looks at things kids wish their teachers knew.

- Salon watched Matthew McConaughey's new movie so you don't have to. Booed at Cannes, it sounds like it really might have earned that 'worst film ending ever' title.

- Finally, in Hamilton news, the #Ham4Ham shows are ending this week. It couldn't last forever but I'm grateful I got to experience it once (I was there for the J. J. Abrams one!). EW looks at the best shows. And it went out on a high note as our Angelica sang a deleted song, "Congratulations." Much of the song still lives in "The Reynolds Pamphlet" but it's still great to get another piece of art you love. Additionally, LMM sits down with Time Out Chicago to chat about the show's move to Chi town.