Weekly Roundup, September 16th

Full disclosure: between my vacation and work, things around here have been super lazy. Promise to be better in the future. Until then, here is another weekly roundup of fun links!

Me lately.

Me lately.

- Climate change continues to be a thing not enough people are talking about. Here is where I side note that I recently rewatched An Inconvenient Truth and it's still great. In college, we watched it as a perfect Powerpoint presentation. For an engineering school in small-town Midwest, I had some liberal professors. I digress - the folks at xkcd have a unique climate change perspective to scare the shit out of you.

- Vulture ranks original Netflix series. While in general I agree with the rankings, I'm overwhelmed by the number of options here. Too much TV! I'm still trying to catch on up on The Wire!

- A few weeks ago, Wired endorsed Hillary Clinton. This weekend, they took a list at the making of her unwanted viral video and how media/public perception has changed since the last go-around.

- I don't know why, but I will always have a soft spot for Mandy Moore. I was rooting for the Adams/Moore pairing! Regardless, she has a nice interview with New York Magazine. Good luck, Mandy, sincerely.

- Our first of two Buzzfeed links: a man whose sister died during 9/11 writes about his experience at the 9/11 museum. I honestly cried while reading this. Good luck!

- On a MUCH lighter note, for when you have a few hours/days to kill, here are some Wiki holes just waiting for you to fall into. The Japanese story was disturbing and the Genie story made me cry. Again. I might be on the verge of my period.

- Excuse me while I just flat-out brag for a second: my alma mater was named best in undergraduate engineering for the eighteenth year in a row! Go Engineers!

Slate's Trumpocalypse watch reached 3.5 horsemen this week. Stay vigilant and terrified, friends. The article also links to the every-updated list of reasons why Trump should be disqualified for running for President.