Weekly Roundup, September 23rd

Fall really hit Germany this week, with jacket-weather and everything. How is it already the end of September?

- Fall means my favorite holiday - Halloween! Also, just another reason to binge horror movies. Even better? Great horror stories. Pajiba rounds up the best from Reddit's nosleep.

- NYT visits a beer pipeline in Belgium. I actually did a tour of this place when I visited Bruges - great view of the city from the roof!

- A writer at Salon talks about the expat bubble. I've never thought of it that way but it's not inaccurate. The move to Germany has been significantly smoothed by my company. But the writer also points at the inoculating part of the bubble - the quiet. Walking down a busy street, sitting in a crowded tram, it's easy to get lost in your own thoughts or be absorbed by a novel and totally disregard the people around you when you don't speak their language.

- The Emmy Awards were this weekend. The show wasn't bad - not too long, okay jokes and bits. More importantly, there was the fashion. Winners Tatiana Maslany and Sarah Paulson were probably my favorite looks. Least favor - poor Lady Edith. The Fug Girls take a look at all the fashion.

- The trailer from the new Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Patt film, Passengers, debuted this week. I was interested in the premise and, via Reddit, found the script that floated around the internet a few years ago. I skimmed the script and, while I mostly enjoyed the story, was perplexed by the logistics of the ending. That being said, the trailer does not fill me with confidence. It looks way more scifi action than quiet, introspective romantic drama.

- A quick political tangent. This week, The Washington Post released a series of articles providing damning insight into the Trump Foundation, like how Trump used some of the money to pay his own legal fees. In addition, when introducing Trump, Don King used the N-word and Trump suggested we bring back the unconstitutional stop and frisk policies. Any of these things would decimate a normal politician but, because of emails, pneumonia, sexism, and 30 years of bullshit from the far right, he's actually closing in on Clinton's lead. It's fucking terrifying. To end on a more positive note: Slate is almost to 200 disqualifying things and hasn't updated since the beginning of September and Owen Ellickson's Twitter feed continues to be the silver lining.

- One of the nation's major political parties might be turning into a ball of hate and stupidity, but we still have the children! A six-year-old from New York wrote to President Obama after seeing the heartbreaking footage from Syria, offering a home to Omran. Some hope for the next generation and also for anyone who needs a good cry.

- Enough seriousness - time for celebrity gossip! As anyone with access to the internet, television, or grocery store checkout knows, Angelina filed for divorce from Brad this week. The end of Brangelina! Officially, ONTD is calling it Mr. and Mrs. Split 2016. Don't feel too guilty about eating up the celebrity gossip - Pajiba has some science in our favor. Also, as Erin Ryan said on Twitter, it's just nice to have a national obsession that isn't orange and racist.

- My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. Buzzfeed this week had a listicle of 'Things You Didn't Know' about the movie. I was ready to scoff - I've seen all the extra content on the last Blu-Ray release! But, alas, I was proven wrong. All kinds of new information here! Thanks, Buzzfeed.

- Finally, we have some new Hamilton news! First, Lin-Manuel offers us a glimpse of Trump: The Musical before getting fancy on the cover of GQ. We also have a new Ham4Ham this week as the New York Deaf Theater steps in for the cast.