Weekly Roundup, September 30th

We made it to Friday! And for my German readers - enjoy the long weekend!

- The first presidential debate took place on Monday. General consensus is, despite a wobbly start, Clinton killed it. Everyone not wishing for the apocalypse breathed a sigh of relief. I did my part - I wore an Obama t-shirt (I also have HRC post cards?)! The debate was the most watched ever, no exaggeration. As far as content, Trump proved he has no idea what he's talking about and interrupted Clinton, giving her a chance to demonstrate what any woman has mastered. But let's be blunt - he's a bitch.

- Michiko Kakutani is a badass. So much restraint in her review of this Hitler biography. If only I could have such chill and reserve.

- I recently rewatched Election. It is still an excellent movie but how do we look at it from a Clinton/Trump perspective? The Cut explores.

- One more election tidbit - Wired introduces Vic Berger, the guy defining the election via viral video.

- Kate, Wills, and the kiddos are in Canada this week. As usual, the Fug Girls have all the coverage. I just love how bespoke and lux everything she wears looks. Style me please, I'm poor.

- The Fug Girls also participated in the annual 'best couple on TV challenge.' I was surprised by how much I care about Marge and Homer. I love Don Draper, but his relationship with Peggy is so much more interesting than his one with Bailey. Regardless, I'm putting my weight behind Tami and Eric.

- A few weeks ago, the Skimm founders were on The Daily Show and I signed up for their daily newsletter. Best decision I've made in awhile. Sharp, funny, and concise, I can't recommend it enough.

- In Hamilton news, the Chicago production made previews this week. Man, I really need to see this one again. As for the creative team behind the hit show, Lin-Manuel will be hosting Saturday Night Live next week. I'm honestly excited to see his joy and energy on stage, as well as see him have a chance at a wider audience. In general, just excited to see the show back for the last few weeks of the election. LMM also sat down with Variety to chat about his upcoming projects. To sum up - lots and lots of Disney.